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The Monroe from Hell!!!!

ever written about other piercing on BME because I've never had to leave anyone foresight. But, after my monroe from hell, I really think people should think about the places they attend before they entrust their bodies to those places. I think the best place to start is how many piercing I have and mention that I've never had a problem. I have 4, 10 gauge nipple rings, 2, 6gauge navel rings, 10 gauge hood, christina, 2 tongue rings, one 10, one 4, seven surface piercing on my torso, tongue webbing, stretched ears and a number of cartilage piercing that are somewhat unusual..like industrials, dermal punches and the whole bit. In total, I have about 35 piercings (actually in..i have a bunch of empty holes..i get lost counting though). The place to do my monroe did the plurality of them. On first glance, it's not the cleanest place, but that's just because of the ghetto surrounding the area. All of his utensils are packaged, he has an auto clave that is visible, and a certificate (which doesn't mean much) that shows he is licensed. Before he pierced me, he told me to sit in the chair as he read me the directions to clean the piercing. I was so anxious, I hardly heard a word he said. I'm glad I didn't hear too much...he recommended that I use hydrogen peroxide for a couple weeks and only use listerine 1-3 times a day. Please look at BME instructions, they're a million times better. Anyway, I'm sure most of you know how the piercing procedure goes, so I'll skip this. I'll just say that my "rockin'" piercer told me to mark where I want the piercing and then he said that i was wrong, marilyn monroe had it in this spot. even after I insisted that I didn't care, he put it where he wanted it. The placement is decent, so i don't really care now.The healing is where it starts to get really evil... So I wake up the next day expecting a little discomfort, only to see that my entire upper lip is black and blue. I understand that the clamps may leave a mark, but this was all too much. I calmed myself down, called a piercer friend and he told me to calm down until he looked at it. I used to have a lebret piercing and a medusa, but i never had such a problem with swelling. I didn't want to drive to see my friend, so I went back to the called the evil place. He basically said that if you're entire lip is bruised, it's healing. Then his next words....actually the exact words: "unusual piercing always swell. Some people are just really sensitive." whatever. that wasn't swelling...it looked like my entire face was engulfed by some foreign disease. Even better, my other 2 lip rings didn't do that. GRR!! NO more complaining.. While he was piercing it, he used a really big lebret stud, but the post wasn't long enough. the flat end of the stud got stuck in my lip. I went to a different piercing store, embarrassed of what had just happened to me...and made him change the jewelry. He had to basically extract the piece of jewelry from me..it wasn't a happy time for me. It bled a lot and hurt and he the piercer guy had to use muscle. If you live in Florida go to new age in Miami. Rock on. Now I have a prettier, smaller stud in..although most of my friends in my town aren't used to such an obscure piercing, they're starting to get used to it...and so am i. I think everyone should read this should go out and get it. Most kids say something about it. "hey, you have a metal mole." that's kind of the intention you dolt. anyway, it looks so good and its not popular. I'm into hardcore and emo, everyone has a lebret stud. I went out and stunned everyone at a punk show. so if that's what you're going for, i say go do this. Oh yeah, it looks better with a 16 gauge, i had a 12 in there and it looked really bad. Moral of the story: try to find someone with a little more experience to do a monroe piercing....there are a lot of other morals I could give you. I'm super upset with that place right now. so other morals would probably be obscene..

seriously, if you have any questions, ask me. I'm pretty knowledgeable and I want to help everyone. If i would have known a little more, i could have gotten better service. Knowledge is key!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Vince+the
Studio: SIlver+on+the+Mount
Location: Hollywood%2C+FL

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