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Lip Piercing, absolutely NO pain.

for about a year I've wanted to get either my lip pierced. However, my parents have ALWAYS stood in my way, I'm 17, and for most places the legal age is 16 (in Toronto at least), legally I'm allowed to do it, but without my parents kicking my ass, well, that's a hard task. My parents seem to be hellbent that putting a hole in your body is wrong. I have no clue why? I've fought with them over this a million times. They are not religious, so I see no foundation to there opinions. However, there opinion has always seemed to matter to me, so I have held back on the facial modifications for a little while. Lately however, me and my parents have been fighting, sorry, my parents and I have been fighting - a lot, so I decided fuck what they think. The though of a lip piercing arose when my friends and i were walking down the street, and Johnny, wanted to get his septum pierced. I realised that the time has come for me to say "FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD, ITS MY BODY". As Johnny went to get his Septum done, I decided to get my lip done. I got my cash (45 bucks, not too bad) and went to the parlour with Johnny. It was a little Tatoo parlour that also performed body piercings. As I was waiting, I browsed through the tatoos, which hopefully, there will be a story for one of those in about two months. Alas they were ready to see me. They said I was old enough (some places its 18) and I went right into the room in the back, I was surprised of how it reminded me of a doctor's office, it was so sterile and clean! I hopped up onto this doctor style bed, complete with that annoying crumply paper shit on top, and lay down on my back. At this point i was SHITTING my pants, this was my absolute first piercing and I've heard and read stories of lip piercing hurting so much, and even one girl, who is a friend of a friend, had to have an operation on her lip after getting it pierced, due to infection. I was so scared. Luckily my hot friend was there to hold my hand. the lady came in, she was really nice. She talked to me for a minute or so, asking if this was my first piercing, and if i was nervous. When I admitted I was nervous, she started making fun of me, calling me a big baby, and saying it doesn't hurt a bit. As she prepared my lip, she someone figured out that I was a Vegan, I inquired as to how she knew, and she said it was due to my garlic breath - ewww! She quickly rubbed this shit all over my lip, I'm assuming it was to make it sterile. She then made her target, and commented on how my face didn't line up properly. After cutting me up a litle more, she put on the clamp, so far so good, no pain (except for all the verbal abuse from the piercer). From this point on, i shut my eyes, i couldn't deal with the visions of the needle and everything, I felt a slight prick on my lip and thought she was maybe doing something to get it ready, much to my surprise, that was the actual needle going through my lip, she quickly put the ring in, and it was all over and done with. WOW! that was easy, it literally didn't hurt AT ALL! However, i felt a little queasy and had to sit down. My friends kept on telling me i was green, literally green, I started to feel extremely dizzy. I somewhat blacked out in the waiting room. I was semi conscious and was talking to these two really hot girls. After 15 minutes of sitting there, we were on our way. As soon as I got walking outside, and got some fresh air, I felt so much better. Afterwards it was hard to eat and drink for about 3 days, but I got over it, it's been 2 weeks now and has healed fine, I have got a million complements over it! As for my parents, well, I had to leave my house for a couple days, but I am home now. I just can't wait. Tomorrow I think I'm getting my septum done. Seriously, it didn't hurt at all, I suggest getting it done! The only major problem is kissing, still another two weeks until I can kiss anyone. But, sacrifices need to be made, and I am sure it will feel awesome when I do finally get to.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: %3F%3F+a+very+nice+lady.
Studio: Universal+Tatoo
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario.

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