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How shall I begin?

all I begin? My 14-year-old daughter Taylor has been talking about getting her labret pierced for at least a year. She has been told that I cannot give her permission to do this because her father will have me arrested on child abuse charges. That, and nobody in town will touch her. Not Forbidden Fruit, anyway, where I have had three piercings now. (I have my belly button and nostril pierced and a vertical labret. The nose ring I got 5 years ago and the belly button about 9 months ago. The labret I'll tell you about later.) It's really the only place I would trust and I've asked before. They won't touch her until she's 18. But she has talked about it. I have told her too, that I don't think it's a very attractive piercing and that I wouldn't like it. And now she's got her labret pierced and I've got a vertical labret. How'd this happen? I came home from work one Tuesday after having picked up my son from junior high and gone to the grocery store. I went in to say hi to Taylor in the computer room and I noticed a silver ball on her chin. "It's real," she said, and pulled down her lip to reveal an earring with the back stuck on. "I did it with a safety pin." I was stunned. It looked REALLY cute! She told me not to worry, that she had sterilized by soaking everything in hydrogen peroxide and had numbed her chin with ice and it hadn't really hurt at all. This took some getting used to. I was simultaneously trying to figure out what to do about the earring, and how to break this news to her father. At that point she didn't mind the earring in her mouth and went to school the next morning.

When she got home she was full of her day, how shocked and amazed her friends were and how balls she is (that's what they say these days.) and how the earring back was tearing up her gums. I called Forbidden Fruit and told them the story. They said they wouldn't touch her and were very sorry, You gotta respect that. Taylor was starting to panic because she didn't want to take the earring out and lose the hole but she was in pain and realized she couldn't keep going the way she was. She found a 16g barbell I had bought and used to wear in my ear and was trying to screw the ball on and the whole thing fell out and down the drain. Then I got her a nostril screw I wasn't using and after bending it out with pliers she managed to get it in there. Not comfortably, but she said it was better than the earring. (I know all you pros out there are cringing....) I had marked the earring back when it was in her mouth visually and measured it when she took it out, so I called Forbidden Fruit, told them the story again, and asked if they had the labret stud in stock that I needed. The girl who answered the phone wasn't the same person I had talked to earlier, and she asked if I would hang on for a second. She came back after a short pause and told me that the piercer was with someone, but that she wanted to ask him if he would put the jewelry in for her. Taylor was listening to this and starting to get nervous. The girl asked if she could call me back when the piercer was finished with his client, and I gave her the number. I told Taylor what was up, and she didn't want to go. She told me to just go and buy the jewelry and come back and she'd put it in herself. She really just wanted to put it in herself.
We waited an hour and it was starting to get late. I didn't want the kids to be zombies the next day, and got tired of waiting for the phone to ring, so I just said, "Taylor, c'mon. We're going."

We drove down there and parked, and she was nervous. I just kept talking and telling her it would be okay. When we walked in she gripped my arm ­ she hates the smell of hospitals and it smelled very very hospital-y. I sort of dragged her to the front desk and told the lady who we were. I spied on the counter the labret stud I'd asked for and saw my name and phone number on a piece of paper next to it. The girl behind the counter said that the piercer had just finished and to hang on for a second. Taylor was getting panicky. She really wanted to leave, but I steered her over to the vast mural of tattoos on the wall and distracted her by showing her designs I thought were cool. Seconds later a tall blonde dreadlocked guy with about four piercings on either side of his bottom lip and a spiked labret stud came up and asked if we were the minor he had heard about. He took Taylor completely in hand, lectured her about having pierced herself and told her how inadequate her sterilization attempts had been. He explained that the thin plating on a safety pin can sometimes come off inside the body, and generally that she had been very unwise to attempt this piercing on her own. We went into the piercing room and Taylor looked at the suspension pictures and the two portraits of Bear piercing a woman between the legs while Robert Michael got ready. He explained what he would be doing, showed her the jewelry and the gloves and gave her a little cup of mouthwash and told her to swirl it around her mouth for a while. Then he had her spit and get up on the table. I held her hand, he put the jewelry in, and that was it. He handed her aftercare instructions and explained what she would need to do. She left proud of herself with a fantastic story to tell at the next day. Fast forward one week. I've spent the last week looking at pictures on BME and reading piercing experiences. Because Taylor's piercing looks so cool I'm obsessed with getting one myself, but I've seen a vertical labret and really think that's what I really want. I tell my friend Emily at work and she's been wanting hers done, and we plot to do it together. She has plans tonight, though, and I've got the itch. I don't think I can wait. My sister calls from the coast, and I can't even talk to her. I tell her something's up and to call me tomorrow night. I tell the kids I'm going to do it, I'm going to get my lip pierced, and go to Forbidden Fruit. Robert Michael is there. I'm filling out my paperwork and he looks at me and recognizes me, but he can't figure out why. I remind him of the minor child last week, and he lights up and asks how she's doing. We walk back to the room chatting and I tell him she's the envy of her high school. He marks my lip and tells me what 's going to happen while I swish some mouthwash in my mouth and spit. I lie down on the table and he takes my lip with some gauze and feels around for the right spot, clamping it when he finds it. In goes the needle, in goes the jewelry, and I'm pierced. I hop up from the table and look at my new lip in the mirror. I LOVE this thing! It has been three weeks now, and my lip is healing nicely. It was pretty sore for the first two days, but after that it hasn't bothered me. The folks at work have gotten used to it, I think, and I have too. I love to play with it and I can't wait to kiss somebody with it. I'm going to get smaller beads on the ends because the size I have on here now is just a little too intrusive on my mouth and I found some gemstones I like.

     So that's my  mother-daughter labret story. Pierce



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Robert+Michael
Studio: Forbidden+Fruit
Location: Austin%2C+Texas

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