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side lip ring adventure

off let me tell you that i'm not a stranger to piercing. I know that there are way more people in this world with way more piercings than i'll ever have. But at least i know the drill. I wanted a lip ring for so long, i can't even remember when the longing started. I used to take the beads out of captive bead rings and put them on my lip to see how they would look, and to be honest I LOVED IT... but i didnt like how the center lip ring looked Too many people had that... That was about 6 months ago. Now its almost october 2000. (my birthdays in 8 days!!!) I knew my parents weren't big fans of facial piercings. then again most parents arent. (surprise, surprise!) Every time I asked them, they said no. (another shock?) Anyways, the other day, I was at school and I was reading a magazine during math class, heh. I saw tom, the hot guy from Blink with the side lip ring and I got to thinking, alrite, I really want this... So i got home that afternoon, and my parents were going out till late that night.I had a friend over and after he left I got started. There was only one problem. I didnt have a piercing needle. Usually I get them from my friend who orders them. So, i rummaged through a sewing box and found a needle that was the same width as a 16g CBR. I boiled water and bleach and dropped the needle in for a good 10 minutes while somehow managing to keep the water from boiling over the pot, heh heh. i put on rubber gloves and picked the needle out of the pot onto a wet-nap (those wet serviettes that you sometimes can get at restaurants). So i took that and the ring and went in my room, marked a spot, and pressed the needle with my thumb on the dull end and my index finger on the inside of my lip feeling for the sharp end of the needle... Now let me tell you this HURT and i didn't think i had the guts to go all the way through my lip. I moved my finger out of the way and shoved it until i felt/heard it pop through the skin on the inside of my mouth. So i was standing there with this needle in my mouth and tried not to laugh cause i was so excited but also my lip was already starting to swell. So i grabbed the CBR and pulled out the needle and quickly pulled the CBR through, it hurt because i couldnt get it through the outer hole!!! I was panicing for like 10 minutes praying that i would get it through. (the problems of self piercing....im so dumb..) I love the way it looks now though... I grabbed pliers and squeezed the ball into the ring, and put ice on it. It got real swollen the next day and now its only a bit swollen, only where the hole is on the inside. i have to keep taking it out when i'm at home. my parents dont know and i feel pretty guilty... I always have ice on it and i take 2 tylenol sometimes when it really aches or gets really swollen after I hit it. Once i bit on it... that friggin HURT. I love piercing myself instead of going to a studio. It sounds REALLY dumb...and i know that. But theres something about piercing myself that is somewhat therapeutic. It makes me happy, yunno? in a weird sort of way.. I love the rush i get. I want a tattoo, but ya know what, i change my mind so much, i wouldnt like it the next week. AHHH... so yes... Im getting an industrial this thursday, i cant wait. i just felt like writing about this. i go on BME practically every day and browse through the pageant and read the question of the moment. I think BME has definitely improved since i discovered it almost 2 years ago. The image galleries are intriguing and i love reading experiences. Im currently stretching my tongue from 14g to 10g. Thats my goal. I also just stretched my ears from 2 gauge to 0 gauge. thats all im going for... Anyways sorry for rambling and I hope this just gave you an insight into my experience. this website has given me so much inspiration. Right now ive taken a liking to jason sands...heh heh. Yeah, i know he's married!! but god hes just so cute! always looks happy. his wife, frances, shes like, my idol. BME has made me so much more openminded, i apreciate what its done for me. thank you BME! Laura Jaschke


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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