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my ringed lip

I don't know what ever made me want to get my lip pierced, but ever since I was in 8th grade and saw Marilyn Manson with his lip pierced I wanted it.

I started to get into body piercing when I was in 8th grade. I wanted to get my second and third holes pierced with a gun (ewww). I begged my mother for months and finally she said yes. After that I tried piercing my belly button, my lip several times and my nipples. I finally gave up, and went to a professional body piercer. I have accumulated 20 body piercing, give or take, since I met my boyfriend Tom who conned me into getting my tongue pierced when I turned 17. It has become a monthly ritual since then, or whenever I have the cash to get another hole put into our body. It is our little special way to bond with each other. So far I have many hoops in my ears, an industrial, on orbital around the industrial, my targii, a 3 hole spiral, my tongue, belly button, and 4 inner labia piercings and of course my lip. Right in the center. My mother, who disapproves of me getting anything to modify my body, told me I had to wait till my 18th birthday to get any facial piercings or she'd kick my a$$ out on the street. At first when i told her that in a month, on my birthday I was going to get my lip pierced she said no. But I reminded her of what she said a long time ago in the car when I was a feshman in high school. I asked her if I could get my lip pierced, and she said when I turned 18. She didn't think I'd actually go through with it. hehe HA!!! I sure showed her. So I turned 18, and I go far far away to Express Yourself, well worth the drive, to see my piercer Jakk. He is a wonderful piercer who has well over 30 body piercings as well as body mod (i.e. tongue biforcation, implants.. etc) One time I walked in to pick up his leather pants (he broke the zipper, and I had to fix them) and he was just casually sticking needles through his arm and then inserting barbells. He now has about 6 barbells going up his arm like a ladder. That Jakk for ya'!!! :) :) :) He is an excellent piercer, who always strives for perfection, and makes everything as painless as possible. He, has 5 lips piercings, and I felt dumb getting my 1. I walk in a little more nervous than normal. I've been wanting this for years, and I'm finally going to get it done, and my knees are shaking. I know it doesn't hurt, and I'm going to love the result, but I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I sit down on their table. He measures everything and makes sure that the type of jewelry is what I want. He makes a mark, and gives me the mirror to see if I like where it's going to be placed. He checks it again and again to make sure the piercing is going to lay nicely on me, and not going to be an annoyance. I though it was just fine... somewhere in-between a laberet and lip piercing. and he gets out the needle and various other piercing supplies which I am well aquainted with. I close my eyes as he pushes through my skin and can hear the skin popping. For some reason I always make a lot of noise when I get pierced. Even if it doesn't hurt I always seem to make a huge commotion and be all loud. It just makes me feel better, just like screaming really loud makes you feel bad when you angry... you know... like when you car stalls at a red light when your on your way to some where important and your late as it is. It didn't hurt, but the pressure of the tightness of the ring and needle going through was rather uncomfortable. I didn't care... and why should you care about the pain. If you want it bad enough you'll ignore it. Jakk was all done, and I got up and the first thing I said was thank-you to Jakk and that he did a great job. I think it was the best birthday present I ever got. To bad I had to pay for it. :( I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror, which was a bad thing since I was driving on the 90. I was so excited. I couldn't eat and drink that well though. My lip was sore and swollen. Everything that went into my mouth seemed to dribble down my chin. I wonder how Jakk can live with 5 lip rings. God!! I think the best thing about my lip ring is that its great conversation at my "wonderful" job at Sears Department stores. But if someone asks me if it hurt once more I'm going to pierce their lip myself with my clothing tag gun... do you think I'll get fired from that? :)

Thanks Jakk!! best wishes from me nice boots


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: jakk
Studio: express+yourself
Location: ny

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