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About freakin' time...my lip piercing experience

So there I was, on the highway, on my way to get my lip pierced. Finally. I had been expecting to get it done months before but things fell through over and over again. Partly because I live in Massachusetts which doesn't offer very many legitimate piercing studios and partly because people were being very anal about me and my friends IDs. But now we were pulling into the parking lot and I finished my cigarette and me, my girlfriend, and my best friend strode up to the studio door and walked in. I had been at the studio before when my girlfriend got her tongue pierced, and some friends had gotten piercings there before so I knew that the place did a good job and that there shouldn't be any problems. I also knew the place looked like a dive. My best friend on the other hand looked around with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. I grinned. There was a guy ahead of us and we found out he was there to get his nipples pierced. We made small talk at then the piercer led the guy and his friends around the wall and into the room where they do the piercing. We browsed the photos of piercings and other body modifications while waiting. Some of it seemed weird to me but it was all interesting. I heard the piercer getting ready in the other room. I wondered if the guy would scream. That's when he yelled, "Suck my dick bitch!". We all looked at each other and laughed at his expense. Flashes were going off in the room. His friend was taking pictures. What a Kodak moment, hey? A few minutes later they came out and the guy showed off his new piercings. He looked so proud. He said it didn't hurt. From his display before, I thought otherwise but just smiled and complimented this new "nipple accessories". The friend offered to take pictures of us getting done. We decided we'd rather not have any such embarrassing photos in existence and declined. We filled out the forms, showed IDs, etc. We decided on 14 gauges and I told them I wanted to go first. Erin (my friend) happily ran outside to have a cigarette. Jimmy (the piercer) led me to the back room and told me to have a seat on the huge examination chair. I did. I looked around at the instruments and wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans. I told him I was nervous. He told me I'd be nuts if I wasn't. Jimmy set all the instruments out on the metal table beside me. I didn't like the look of that needle. He was really nice though and showed me everything was clean and safe. He marked the spot on my lip (on the left side) and asked me if I was ready. I think I squeaked out a "yes". He put the clamp on my lip. Then he told me to take a deep breath and then breathe out. I breathed out and [squish!] I felt the needle slide through my lip. I sighed with relief. It hardly hurt at all. He asked if I was ok and if I was dizzy or nauseous. I was far from it. I was giddy. I was pierced. He put the hoop through and told me to go check it out in the mirror. The hoop was ridiculously big. He assured me I'd be thankful when it swelled up the next day. So I stood there smiling like an idiot at my new piercing. I wiped a little bit of blood off my lip, gargled, took my "aftercare" sheet, and strode out to the waiting room where my friend walked up to join me. She gave me a nervous smile and asked all the "Did it hurt?" and "Does it feel funny" questions I had expected her to. Then she asked me to come into the room with her. I watched Jimmy go through the same procedure as he had done with me. He told her to breathe out and as he put the needle through she let out this weird breath. When he turned to get the jewelry I stared at the needle sticking out of the middle of her lip and thought to myself, "So that's what I looked like? Gross." I am very happy with my piercing. It's fun to play with. I've had it for a little over a week and have had no problems and very little pain. Mainly soreness when I wake up and some nasty crusty stuff on the hoop. I plan to get another piercing soon. If you're reading this and are thinking about getting a piercing all I can say is go for it! I would definitely recommend Golden Tattoo. If you want their information, go ahead and drop me a line. Why not, hey?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jimmy
Studio: Golden+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Salem%2C+NH

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