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that if I managed to give up smoking for a year I would allow myself another piercing. After looking at BME I finally decided that I wanted my Labret done. That year came this September so on my first available day off I boarded the train to Brighton. I had read, and was worried about, the effect that this piercing would have on my teeth, its not cheap looking after ones teeth and I didn't not want to have to pay out hundreds of pounds on dentist work after one wrong bite or with a stud knocking on my teeth constantly. I asked the piercer what effect this would have on my teeth, he said that it had never affected him, although he had bitten on his stud and broken off his cap on his front tooth (although he didn't tell me till afterwards, cheeky). I also spoke to a lady working in the shop and she said that she had not had any problems with hers either, as she flashed me a stunning smile. I thought, OK then this is it. I was so nervous. It was really strange, I have had my eyebrow pierced twice, my tragus (that hurt the most), my ears, my nose and my belly button but still you get that feeling. Something that my boyfriend does not understand, he has never had a tattoo or piercing so he doesn't know why I put myself through all that!. I decided to go with a labert stud as I thought a ring may aggravate me more. I was cleaned and marked with a spot, no-ones face is symmetrical so he marked the middle of my lips which seemed a good enough spot to me. Deep breaths, in, out, in, out, in, out. Crunch! The crunch of the needle going through, did that hurt? Slightly. The only nasty thing was a mouth full of blood. I was all cleaned up nice, and told to gargle with salt water, OK, I can just about manage that. One word of warning, it really does make you sick. I also proved that to myself that day, you don't even necessarily have to swallow it. Off I went telling them I would see them in a month of so to have a small stud inserted. I felt exhausted. I phoned my boyfriend to tell him the good news but finding that whenever a talked the back of the stud got caught on my gum and flicked onto my teeth, never mind I thought, it will be alright in a while. I got the train home, and fell asleep, not before shocking my dad with my new found love. That night I was due to be going out to dinner with my friend, so I get in my car and go to meet her. Boy was I hungry and looking forward to that Chinese chicken. Problem, every time I chewed the back of the stud hooked on my gum and bashed on my teeth. I was also really paranoid about biting on it which made it even worse. I decided to have some ice cream which was fine. By this point my gums were really sore. So I went home miserable, sore, a bit hungry but feeling sick from all the ice cream I had eaten. I got up the next morning and did the housework. I was hungry again, it seemed like such a pain, this eating lark. Soup. I quite like soup. I had a cup of soup but the thought of having to eat it for the next month put me off, big time. Every time I chewed or talked now the back of the stud would bang on my teeth, and I thought that even a month of this I couldn't stand. My teeth would be buggered, my gums would be red raw, and I would be even thinner than I am now, which I can't afford to do. So I made the decision that after one day of having a labret piercing, to take it out. There is only so much a person can put up with, some peoples tolerance is better than others. I can deal with pain, but this was more like annoyance, something constantly, banging, banging, driving you crazy. Maybe a ring would have been a better idea. I don't know. It still would have banged on my teeth. I think it had the odds stacked against it in the first place. I have a small mouth, with hardly any gums, if these were larger it probably would have avoided effecting my teeth but this is something I will have to put down to experience, at least I now know that I can't have a labret piercing. Everyone is made differently, hey it would be boring if we weren't. Anyway I took some pictures to have as a nice memory. So better luck next time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: unknown
Studio: Penetration
Location: Brighton%2C+UK

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