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My Poor Lip :0(

ght've read my experiances in tongue piercing and my first tattoo....and how I've moaned about the unfortunate story of my lip ring. Well now I'm here to tell the tale!!! My lip was my first 'proper' piercing (I'd self pierced my nose 5 times a year before and they went drastically wrong, so I reckoned I'd leave it to the professionals from now on!), I'd been planning on it a while, and when the day finally came I was so nervous I bought along 2 friends for support. I'd been in L'Homme before when my friend had her eyebrow done, and the healing etc was fine, so to L'Homme I went. Now one of my friends, Robin, is incredibley sqeamish so I left him in the waiting room and bought my other friend Ant in with me. He'd consented to me crushing his hand as much as I wanted....didn't look very happy about it though!! So i went in and sat on the chair. I needn't mention it was like a dentist's chair, I'm sure everyone's read that a million times before on here! I had to sign a form consenting the piercing, and nervously waited while the piercer prepared. I'd heard all these horror stories online about big, butch, unfriendly, clumsy piercers but this guy was totally the opposite of that. He was very kind, did as much as he could to calm my nerves and while I was waiting talked about how his girlfriend had taught him to pierce and how much he loved his job. The time came to puncture my lip, and he talked me through the procedure as he was doing it. First, he made me wash my mouth out with Oral B or something, next, he marked my lip where he was going to pierce it and asked if it was ok, it was, so he put the clamps on, and sprayed this freezing spray all over my lip and chin. He asked if I was ready, I grabbed hold of Ant's hand and said yes, then watched, rather crosseyed, as he pushed the needle through. I didn't feel a thing! Apart from a little 'pop' and the needle emerged the other side. It was pretty damn hard to supress myself from grinning, but I managed somehow (perhaps it was the sight of a whopping big plastic tube stuck through my lip..). The guy pushed the ring through and clipped on the ball and held up the mirror. Tadaa!! One pierced lip! He went through the aftercare carefully with me, I paid up, and left skipping out of the shop! Now my first and most important mission.....I desperately wanted to find out what kissing with a lip ring was like!! So off I skipped to Piccadilly Gardens, the general hangout of people like me, and found a bloke I'd liked for some time. Yes, I'd give kissing with a lip ring a definate thumbs up!! Anyway, the healing time. For the first couple of days it was pretty darn painful, and eating was one hell of a task! But a few Ibuprofen sorted that out. Oh, one thing, be careful if you have a lip ring and you're eating with a fork.....YEOWCH! Anyways for 2 months it was fine, no problems at all, then I came down with mild flu, and things began to go wrong... I noticed the second day I was ill, I had a sore throat creeping up, and my lip was beginning to swell. I thought it could be normal, maybe it was upset by the body temperature or something, so mouthwashed it thoughroughly and held ice on it to cool it down. To no avail though, a few days later my lip was 2 times it's own size and very hot, and it was beginning to pull the ring through my skin, in fact, overnight it had developed a thin layer of skin over the part of ring in my mouth, and I was having to constantly pop the ring through the skin. Finally i decided to take it out. Only one slight problem. The ball in the ring wasn't having ANY of it. We tried pushing the ball out, we tried pulling the ring apart, nothing worked. I ended up on a surgery table in the hospital my mum worked, having a local anaesthetic injected into my poor, overswollen lip. And this HURTS!!! I was crying with pain and having to be held down on the table so they could pull it out. It was such a relief when it was out though. So I guess the warning to everyone is this : IF your lip starts swelling up so bad it begins to force the ring out TAKE IT OUT STRAIGHT AWAY!!! Since mine had already begun to tear, even nearly a year after I still have quite a lot of scar tissue and it can never be re-pierced in the same place. I hope people take heed of this, and hopefully I shall be getting my lovely lip re pierced very soon! Also, feel free to email if you have any questions!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dave+I+think%3F
Studio: L%27Homme
Location: Manchester+UK

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