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my labret

g pierced is something I love to do. In three years I have had four piercings done. Not many I agree, but the most I can get away with for work reasons, and cost. My first piercing was my right tragus. This was done when I was 17. This was follwed a few short months later by my tonuge. Two years went by and I saw a picture of a helix piercing on BME, and had to have it done. And finally just over a week ago I got my labret pierced. I decided on getting my labret pierced after a dare from my boyfriend. We decided to both get pierced on the same night. My labret, his left nipple.( he already has his right done). After a week of searching for a piercist I liked and I have have been to a few, I went to Joanne's Beauty Salon, in a plce called Menai. UNlike the States and Canada,to the best of my knowledge, many piercists work out of beauty salons in Australia. Brett was the piercist we chose. With seven years experience, and a great personality, I felt he was the right guy for us. He explained about the autoclave, and told us of his own piercings and the experiences he had had. It was a thursday night when we went to be pierced. We had made our appointment, and drove over to the salon. The whole trip over I was nervous, but still thought I could go through with it. All of my piercings have been a spur of the moment thing, and having planned for this had allowed for my nerves to develop. We went in and waited for Brett to come and get us. He came out and asked how we were and what we were having done. He explained he did this so he knew we understood what we were getting ourselves in for. My boyfriend went first. He signed the form and took off his shirt. Brett saw his right nipple was done and asked about it. He told us most guys with one nipple ring nearly always go back for the second one. Brett measured his nipple and drew the dots for HIm to approve. it was perfect. The clamp came out and so did the needle. After the clamp was put in place, Brett slowly pushed the needle through the nipple...Ouch...he snipped the tubing and put the ring in. Ta Da...done...but now it was my turn... I was worried that I was doing the wrong thing, and that I would look like an absolute freak...something which I had already been told by my dad. I was also begining to believe Dad who was telling me I would end up dribbling all the time due to the hole in my face. I was jovial at his first teasing but now as I waited to be pierced, I thought maybe he was right... I planned on chickening out, just waiting until my boyfriend was ready and then going and paying for his nipple but alas, all to no avail, My boyfriend dobbed me right in. I realised it was now or never, if I wimped out now I would never return to get this piercing. I signed my form, and sat down on the chair. Brett came over and cleaned my face with a sterilsed pad. The pen came out and marked the outside of my face. I looked in a mirror and decided I liked the position. After the outside was marked, it was time for the inside to be drawn. Brett pulled over my lip and marked the inside. I asked him to put it low enough so that it didn't rub my teeth. He placed it in the perfect position. After the marking had all been done I went and layed on the bed and waited. all of the equipment came over and was removed from its packeging. Brett got the clamp and pulled out my lip to do the piercing. It was too much I closed my eyes and grasped the sides of the bed tightly...I felt the needle...hang on..this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

But unfortunately for me the worst was still to come. The needle was removed and the tubing that was left was scratching my teeth forcing tears from my eyes and goose bumps over my body...it was horrid. Brett got the ring and placed it in and began to screw on the ball. It felt strange. My lip was huge and covered in blood. More than I expected. I slowly sat up feeling shaky, yet also feeling very happy with myself. I waited for the shakiness to subside and got off the bed to go and pay. Yay...I had my labret done. And it looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. It's been just over a week, and it is healing really well. I clean it fastidioulsy, and ensure that I use motuhwash twice daily. Now I am wondering what to pierce next.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Brett
Studio: Joannes+Beauty+Salon
Location: Sydney%2C++Australia

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