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Labret For Leah

always been interested in Body Modifications of all types for as long as i remember, as a child, i enjoyed looking at photographs of tribal woman with extended lips, elonged necks, streached earlobes and all sorts of other things. When i was in the tenth grade, I had my navel pierced at a very reputable, immaculate piercing studio in winnipeg called "Experience The Beauty", (which is located on Corydon... i highly recomend this place!!)Unfortunately, it never really healed, and was continuously infected... i learned from that experience that you have to be religious with cleaning piercings. I cant remeber the first time i saw a labret piercing, but i've always loved how that single, symetrical glint of metal looks peeking out from under a lip... especially on women. i admit to being somewhat offput by the idea of getting any other facial piercing done (although i do like septums), and im really not a very flashy person, so i dont really want a face full of metal! So i hemmed and hawed over getting this piercing done for a good 2 years or so. I was worried about pain and infection, because i have a low tollerance for it, and because of how badly infected my navel got because of my own stupidity... I am 18 now, and i think its good i did wait those 2 years, because i believe im a little bit more responsible with taking care of myself now, and i think its more of an informed decision, when you make it as a legal adult... plus you know your not getting it from some seedy person who won't ask for ID (my parents gave me permission for my navel). A few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me if he could get me a present when he went into winnipeg on the weekend, i told him "no... but you could pay for me to get my labret pierced when you get back!"... he was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in... despite my being 18, he was affraid that my parents would be mad at him! I didn't want to wait around to get this done (mostly because i thought i might change my mind!), so i checked out both piercing studios in my town, and decided that Salon Modabo was the way to go... The woman who did the piercings had done a few successful ones on friends, and also did EVERY kind of piercing imaginable, while the other woman only did navels and eyebrows, which to me shows that she is squeemish, so i wouldnt have trusted her even to get either of those piercings done... a few friends had gotten navels from her, and the piercings were shallow and ended up migrating very quickly. I went in on a Tuesday (yesterday, actually), during my spare period and an assembly at my school. The woman greeted me at the front desk of the salon (she has a basement studio)and was very warm and friendly, she didnt accept interact so i had to run to the bank... up until that point i had been very nervous (i didnt eat anything at all that day for fear of throwing up), but the fresh air seemed to aliviate that just a little bit, and by the time i got back, i was pretty much ready. She asked for my ID,so i showed her my health card, and she got me to fill out the usual forms... i did this down stairs in her studio, and it was all very clean and tidy, and smelled nice and sterile... not nearly as immaculate as EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY, but it met my standards of cleanliness... She then proceeded to tell me exactly what to expect, she told me she would be using an extra long 14g labret "stud", to accomadate for any swelling that might occur, because a regular one might tear the skin... she cleaned the skin on my chin with an anti-bacterial solution, and i might add that she changed her gloves several times throughout the time that i had already been there... and i hadn't even seen a needle yet! she asked me if i wanted it centered and i said yes, so she marked a little dot on my chin (she even cleaned the pen), just under my lip in alignment with the dip in my upper lip. she asked me how i thought that was and i said i might like it just a bit lower, so she said she'd aim for below the dot with the needle. she then called in her assistant who put on a pair of gloves... they both joked and talked with me in a very kind and friendly manner throughout the whole thing... her assistant held the forceps (clamp) on my lip and she took a look at where the dot was.. she then told me it would be about 2 seconds of pain and then it would be all over. she told me im putting the needle in now, and did she ever... it was probably the most painful and disconcerting experiences of my life! i swear i could feel it penetrating every single layer of my skin, the last one being the toughest... i could feel the needle streaching it out. i was so overwhelmed by all of that that i barely noticed the jewlery being slid in... immediately afterwards i felt very faint and naucious and uncomfortable, i was sort of squirming and flailing, so i asked if i could lie down.... she put some pillows on the floor for me and i layed right down... as i started to feel better, she patted my brow with a cold damp cloth and talked kindly to me... she told me my piercing looked great and complimented my style of clothing... i know this seems irrevelent, but it really made me feel comfortable... she was so confidant and friendly, she really made it a positive experience. once i felt better, i stood up and she told me how to clean it... i was to put anti-bacterial ointment on a q-tip and saturate the rod of the piercing, move it in and out a few times, and repeat the process... this was to be done three times daily, along with rinsing your mouth out with mouth wash...

i went upstairs to pay her, and she gave me a list of different ointments i could use, and told me to come back to see her in 2 weeks so she could see how i was healing up. she even offered to help with jewlery changes so i could learn how to do it properly... she said i could change my jewlery in about three weeks.. i left feeling very satisfied with the job she did on me, and i thought it was a beautiful piercing... its now a day later, and my lip is swollen up quite big, so im glad she gave me the larger labret stud... ive gotten used to eating with it, although im a bit annoyed with the way the flat end piece rubs against my teeth and gums, it started to get red today, and a few hours ago i noticed some white blood cell build up around the opening, and a bit of pus leaking out on the inside of my mouth, but from experience with my belly, im not too worried. it still stings a little bit, but not as much as you'd expect, having a piece of metal stuck through your lip. if anyone can advise me on different cleaning products, and about how long it will take for me to get completely used to it, and for it to heal up nicely, please email me, id also be pleased to offer any advice that i could give about either navel piercings or labrets...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Salon+Modabo
Location: Kenora+Ontario

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