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I lied to my mom!

ears how it all began! I was watching television and saw a woman with her labret pierced and I immediatly knew that that was the piercing I wanted next! I had already had my tongue, nose and navel done and have become quite the addict. I tried to convince my mom for like a month! Of course my mom didn't feel the same way that I did and wouldn't give in because I already have too many piercings on my face which was totally untrue because I only had my nose pierced! Then after asking her like five times a day to changer her mind she then said the only thing I could get was my eyebrow because if I got my labret done I would look "tacky". I said fine I'll get that done instead. I asked some friend to come with me to get it done. They said yes and three days later we were on the subway going to get my new piercing. While on the subway my friends and I were having a conversation on what else they thought would look good on me. One of my friends told me to forget about my eyebrow and go for my labret even though my mom was against it. I was thinking about it and said "screw her, I'm gonna get whatever I want pierced". When we got off the subway we walked to Way Cool Tattoos which is a REALLY long walk from Osgoode station. I asked them if I could get my labret pierced, they asked if I had any ID proving I was over sixteen and I said no. They said that they couldn't do it unless I had any proof. We left a little pissed and stared walking back towards New Tribe which was a really long walk back! When we finally got to New tribe I was looking in the scrapbook thingys at the lip piercings and started to get a little nervous. I then talked to the guy sitting at the desk. I asked him how much a labret piercing would be. He said 79.99 with jewelery. I swear to god my jaw just dropped! I didn't have that much money! Thank god my friends were willing to lend me the money I was missing. So I told him I wanted to get mt labret pierced and he asked me if I had an appointment. I asked him if I needed one and he said yes. Once again my jaw dropped. He then said that if someone is more than 5 minutes late for their appoinment I can take the spot. The smile came back to my face. We waited in there for almost an hour for someone to be late when he finally said that it was my turn. I was so nervous that I almost peed my pants!I went into one of the rooms and the girl who was doing my piercing shook my and I told her I was sorry if I had gotten her hand wet cause my hand were kinda sweaty. I then told her what I wanted. She put on some rubber gloves and made a dot with a marker and asked me if that was ok, I looked at my friends and they said it was perfect. She put the clamp on and my hands started to sweat ALOT! She asked me if I wanted her to tell me when she was gonna do it, I said no and closed my eyes and before I knew it there was a needle in my lip and she was putting the jewelery through. When she was done she gave me a mirror to look at my lip and I loved it! She told me it may swell abit in two or three days(it was never swollen) and how to clean it and I was off! My firends wanted to eat so we went to Pizza Pizza and I called my mom to tell that I got my lip done instead. I was surprised that she wasn't that mad! I went home and my mom met me at the door and started to laugh at me! She said she was sorry that she laughed and said that it looked good. The next day my mom took me to Shoppers Drug Mart and I bought tea tree oil and some listerine. It took only a month to fully heal and I am now very happy with it! It feels like it is a part of my face now! I don't know if I just heal fast or if I just took really good care of it. Well that was my story and happy piercing! Hailey I think the next thing that I'm gonna get will be a tattoo!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Joanne
Studio: New+Tribe
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario

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