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my new lip

started about a year ago when i realized how plain my body was and how i wanted to change it in some way and then i was looking online and i found this site and it changed my life, i knew i wanted something pierced but didnt know what. Then i decided i wanted something on my face, i wanted something on my face so it would be easy to see and i wanted something that didnt look to weird after. A few days i decided my lip would be a good place to get pierced but still had to convince my fokes to let me. You see my dad doesnt believe that piercing is right so he doesnt like to let me get anything pierced and he usually gets pretty mad when i bring it up or even when i talk about it in front of anyone when he is close by but he usually cant stand being bugged by me so After a few weeks he gave in and said ok if it will stop u from annoying me. I was totally stoked but just as equally nervous. Even though i was nervous i was way more excited so i knew i wasnt gonna back out. i had my eyebrow pierced a few months before at a studio called spider-bite which is a great studio its where i get all my jewelry and cleaner so it wasnt hard to choose where i would get my lip pierced. I still had to get my mom to take me to the studio which proved to be no easy task, i had to wait two months for my birthday to come before she would take me. When she finally said she would bring me, she would only take me at eleven in the morning which i didnt care about really i was so excited i didnt care when she took me. So i waited all night i couldnt sleep all i could think about was my new piercing i would have in the morning. I didnt know how to tell my grandmother because she doesnt really like piercings but i knew she would get over it after a while. I was awake until about 4 in the morning just looking up piercings and thinking about the pain and how it would feel. When finally i got to the studio there was three people ahead of me and i though great now i have to wait even longer, and the lady at the desk who was covered in piercings herself asked what i wanted pierced and i told her my lip so she handed me the forms which took forever to fill them out and i gave them back, then the piercer asked me what size i wanted in my lip i asked him what he suggested he said 14g and i said ok and then was off to clean the jewelry. While he was doing that all i could think about was the pain i was about to endure and how good it would look when it was done. I knew it was gonna hurt but just couldnt imagine the exact feeling of the needle in my flesh. After about twenty minutes he came out and called my name i was so nervous he told me to rinse my mouth out with mouth wash for 60 about seconds two times i didnt like that because the mouthwash was hurting my tongue but anyway, i did and he told me to sit down and open my mouth then he put on rubber gloves and took out the clamps he put the clamps on my lip and told me to hold the clamps for a second and he disapeared for a few minutes when he came back he had a needle in his hand he then told me to take a deep breathe and when i exhaled i felt the needle pierce through my lip it only hurt for about a second or two nothing horrible. Next he put in the jewelry which hurt just about as much as the piercing did and it was done. the second day i had it my lip bleed alittle for a few minutes not to bad. After about 3 weeks i went back so he could put in a shorter post so it wouldnt hit my teeth as much, since then i havent had any problems with it and i love the way it looks. Its been about 5 months now and it feels great I would recomend this piercing to anyone who loves piercing and all that goes with it. It didnt hurt all that bad and girls love it. I hope one day to be a body piercer as of now i have done 7 piercings on myself and 3 on my friends and hope one day to have someone put my name and studio on one of bme's experiences.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: marcus
Studio: spider-bite
Location: manchester+nh

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