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My Painless Lip Piercing

how shall I start? I think my astrological sign has alot to do with this. I'm an Aquarius, and it's said that we tend to want to be different. This is very true about me. I wanted something to show my individuality. And I've found lip piercing to be very interesting ever since my cousin mentioned that I'd look cool with one back in October. After that and seeing Tom from Blink 182 a billion times, I decided that I wanted one, too. I'd pierced my nose, but that sucked, so I took it out. I wanted something that wouldn't bug me all day. That's when the bugging started. By June I was asking my mom constantly if I could get it done. She just kept saying "No" constantly. But seeing as I am very stubborn, I kept at it. I got a few "Ask your father"s and some "maybe"s, too. In her language, though, they mean "No". But by the beginning of August, she started leaning toward letting me get it. She said I'd have to pay, so I got the money. And as soon as I got it, she refused yet again! This really pissed me off. So I just kept bugging her. Finally, she said I could get it when I got back from my week at Ocean City. At last!

Well, I was in O.C. and my Aunt happened to mention that she could sign for me, seeing as there are a billion piercing places down there. Here's a tip though: DO NOT get anything pierced in the back of a "tiki shop" if you plan on getting a piercing there. The piercers are INexperienced, and don't even have studios. Go to a place that's just for piercings and/or tattoos. I'd recommend where I went. Anyway, I called my mom and asked if that would be OK. She said yes just like that! I was so happy. That's when the fear came.

I was so scared by now. Just by knowing that I was getting it, I had a million butterflies in my stomach. This is the time where we had to actually find a place that would pierce me. It took me so long that I had time to calm down, though, so that was good. Every good place was either "You must be 16 with an I.D. and a parent." or "Eighteen only." I was so frustrated. Then, my Aunt remembered a place where my cousin was going to get her belly button pierced. I decided that we would look for that, and if they wouldn't pierce me, I would just wait until I got home (Baltimore, MD) and go to Modern Man Modifications. Luckily, we found the place, and they said they'd pierce me. The first piercer, Brad, was really cool, but he totally freaked me out. I asked if he could pierce my lip and he said, "Yea, I will, but I've never done it before." I was flipping out! Thankfully, he called the experienced piercer, Dave, to come do it. He came, and I was as ready as I'd ever be. We went into the studio (which is so clean and sterile that they let people outside watch the piercings!) and I got into the chair. Brad came in to learn how it's done from the master. And so we started. Dave made me rinse out my mouth with mouthwash. Then, he numbed my lip (I had to pay extra, but hey, it was painless!). As I was sitting there, I looked at Brad and said, "Can you hold my hand if I get scared?" He said "Sure." He was pretty hot, too. So then Dave put a hoop on my lip to let me pick where I wanted it. I picked a spot, and he marked it. On went the clamp. I dunno who said that the clamp hurts, but whoever it was, is crazy. It was nothing. I grabbed Brad's hand. He told me to close my eyes. He put the needle through. I didn't feel pain, just pressure. Trust me, a cartilage piercing hurt more than this. He told me not to move, unless I wanted my nose pierced, while he got the hoop. Out went the needle, in went the hoop. Finally, he tightened it and put the ball on. It was all over. That was just three days ago. I was the best person all day: no dribble, no blood, and not even swelling. I'm so happy with my new addition. I get to be the only girl in my yearbook with a lip piercing this year! I just love to be original. Well, I hope you enjoyed my story. If you have any questions, or even comments, you can email me. Chao!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: PitBull+Piercings
Location: Ocean+City%2C+MD

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