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Spontaneous Actions

neous Actions What's up party people!!! I'm a twenty-year-old male from New Orleans, Louisiana. Also, one of the most spontaneous people I know. I get these urges to just perform some type of crafty work to my body. Just recently have I started acting on these urges and not just freaking out by not doing anything about it. In the past week I had my labret pierced and ears stretched back to size. My experience of getting my labret done goes a little something like this. It was a Friday evening, hot and humid as usual here in New Orleans, but spontaneity was taking over my body. I was driving to my uncle's house after leaving work and saw the local piercing shop, The House of Style, in the small sub-urban town I work in. I made it to my destination a short time after passing the shop. This desire still burning strong in my soul, I cleaned and sacked up. My uncle was all for it and so was my aunt. They thought it would look good and fit my personality just right. I pursued my temptation of pain. I entered the House of Style and there were some other pierces also waiting to fulfill their desires. I singed some papers and started looking at some tattoo magazines on the table. The palms of my hands were a little sweaty as I thought," Is this going to hurt or hurt good?" Trying to ignore the girl in the other room became almost impossible. She was getting her belly button pierced, and was screaming to high hell. I put a grin on my face and tried not to show humorous vibes exiting myself. The lady sitting to my left was relaxing after getting her tongue pierced. We talked about how exhilarating the feeling was having a needle stuck through your tongue. I also told her that pudding was the best thing during the healing time that she would be dealing with. By this time, our little miss scream devil had entered the waiting room. She finished up quite surprisingly pleasant, with little to say except she was pleased of her new and only piercing. I was next up to have needles prance around my face in a perpetual manner. The artist and I shared a few words and comments. As I laughed at her jokes and having a great time, I knew this was going to satisfy my urge of self-modification. She handed me over some Listerine and I gargled for about a minute or so. I rested my head back and anxiously waited for the forceps to be pulled out. Trying to relax, but being so excited, I began to become very hot. Now I was sweating like two mice fucking in a wool sock. Cheri continued her performance by marking the insertion point for my shaft. Grasping my lower lip with her forceps, she gently pulled out my labre. BAM!!! It was over that quick. Ahhhh, what a great feeling I was experiencing throughout my entire body. She continuously asked if I was ok while handing me some care instructions I must follow. I was also given some cleaning solution and she went through the minor irritations I would be encountering during the healing stage. I thanked my new friend with a hug and left feeling like a new improved person. The following day while in the shower, I began to wash my face. Not even realizing I had my labre pierced I took no caution whatsoever. As I washed the soap away from my face I came to understand that I had lost my ball already!! I began scouring around the bathroom looking for this tiny ball that meant so much to me. Not being able to find my jewelry anywhere, I fled from my home to the nearest place with piercing equipment. It's a small joint called Bayside Tattoos. I should have known not to go here, just from this gut feeling deep inside. Of course there was no ball here to fit the shaft present in my mouth. After discussing some options with the guy there, it was decided to insert a larger gauge in my newly pierced labre. I asked over and over again," This isn't going to cause problems as far as healing and hygienic goes?" and with confidence he said no. Well, there I was only two weeks later on vacation as I began experiencing the most annoying feeling in my mouth. The backing of the jewelry had begun to carve its way into my lip. Not just a little either, a quarter inch or more!! The surrounding tissue inside my mouth looked infected and was bleeding. . Apparently this asshole at Bayside Tattoos was absolutely wrong!! I was forced to take it out unwillingly. Needless to say I was very disappointed. On the 11th of August I decided to visit a local and well known piercing shop in the French Quarter, Rings of Desire. I have had many friends get pierced here and was told about the great work that they do. Walking up the stairs I could smell the aroma coming from the shop. First thing I see are these two guys standing tall and proud by the counter. We started talking about exactly what I wanted done, prices, etc. By the selection and design of the jewelry, I knew I had made a good studio choice. The staff was really friendly and obviously knew what they were doing. I told them about the horror story I had just recently been through. Talking very positive and quickly, I was reassured that the same incident would not occur here. The whole experience this time was great. No complaints whatsoever, and I still have any problems to this day. All I get now are comments and smiles due to the professional work performed by Bryan at Rings of Desire. I strongly suggest that if you are ever in New Orleans and have an urge for some body modifications, visit Rings of Desire. The employees there will take care of you in a special, but professional way. The next piercing I will pursue will be my septum and tongue. I can't wait to get paid again!! To all who read this article, if you have a desire to do something in your life, then DO IT!! Whatever it may be holding you back from this desire really needs not part of you. Simply because you are your own person, therefore you and only you can understand the endless ambitions encountered during your life. So, love yourself and I promise that accomplishments will render. If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, piercing or tattoos, feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected] Oh yeah, one more thing. You can visit Rings of Desire's website at: www.ringsofdesire.com Take it light!!! Reid-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Bryan++Civello
Studio: Rings+of+Desire
Location: New+Orleans%2C+Louisiana

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