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One Girl's Labret Piercing

day I change my mind about what I want to get pierced so usually I am just spontaneous just to get it over and done with so I have no time to think about another type that I might prefer. I decided I wanted to get something done so I looked around a bit for a day or two and decided on a labret piercing. I also liked the basic lip ring but I have the worst luck with putting on captive bead hoops. Every time I get my ear pierced either the ball falls off or I try to change the jewelry and I cant close the hoop/put the ball back on. That is one tough piece of jewelry. So I told my dad that what I wanted and he said hed take me the next day. We decided to go to the same piercing place I had gotten my cartilage pierced, I had a good experience there, I liked the piercer, the environment, and the way it came out. So it made sense to give them some more business even though I live in Massachusetts and had to travel a little bit of away to get there. It is all definitely worth it for my body though, it deserves a place I feel comfortable in. So when my dad came home from work we headed up to New Hampshire. I was surprisingly not nervous at all for the whole hour ride I was completely calm, I suppose getting pierced 10 prior times in my ears was a real help. I thought the pain would be nothing at all. Then we got to the place thats when the feeling kicked in, I was actually going togo through with this, and after driving for an hour I wasn't going to turn back, I couldn't, I had to do something! My father filled out some forms and I signed them, making them irresponsible if I so happen to die .. which wasn't really a concern of mine. The wait was kind of long (about 20 minutes or so) since it was friday night. I started to talk to some girls who were getting tattooed and another that had just gotten her tongue pierced, by then .. after hearing that girl crying from the pain of her pierced tongue I got really nervous, started getting really cold, dizzy, having a slight panic attack. Finally they called me in. I sat down and talked to the piercer about whats involved, and cleaning it, What I cannot eat/drink, what I should and shouldn't do, etc. I rinsed my mouth with some Listerine until my mouth was "numb", spit it out, and sat back down. He asked me if I had any other piercings .. thats when I started worrying again, wondered if he was asking me this because it might really hurt. Well, he told me to lean back a bit, and tilt my head back. He put a clamp on my bottom lip and pulled it out a bit. He told me to close my eyes and breathe in through my nose and out my mouth. He proceded to push the needle through my lip at first it hurt so much and I must have looked shocked because he asked me if i was okay, I nodded a bit and he said he was going to push it out now, he did and I couldn't believe how painful that was. Next came the labret stud which didn't hurt as much as the needle but still wasn't that enjoyable. I was done I had a new piercing. He gave me a piece of paper with details on how to clean the piercing and I walked out very proud that I had gone through with it. For the first couple of hours it was completely awkward and uncomfortable to have a piece of metal in my lip. But I definitely got used to it quickly. By the next day it felt as though I've had it for months/years. Cleaning it was very simple, just carry a bottle of listerine with you and rinse every time you put food in your mouth. That one was really hard to do, and I do have to admit I didn't EVERY time since I forget I have it or if I'm in a rush I tried and try though. Also the glyoxide really helped, I haven't gotten any sores around it or anything. Yes, It may taste gross but atleast I'm not in pain anymore. Now I've had it for almost a month, It still gets crusty but thats the only little problem I have for now, Hopefully that will end soon. I've had no other problem with it, Most of the time I forget I have it and its surprising to look at myself in the mirrior and think back to what I had done. It was definitely worth it and I recommend it to anyone that wants to get it done. hey If a 16 year old girl can go through it without crying or serious infections. I think anybody can, and should. Go for it, and have fun! -Steph If anybody has any questions you can contact me by my email address: punkjunki3@yahoo.com or through AIM/AOL: Punkjunki3


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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