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My lip.

n toying with the idea of getting my lip pierced for about 2 years. my mother would have made my life a living hell if i had done it when i lived at home so when i moved away to college it gave me the perfect opportunity. i guess this was my mark of indepedance. i also got it done on my 18th birthday so that made for a good excuse. First i made and appointment at the most reputable place in halifax called skintastics. i made my friend jake skip class to come with me (twist his rubber arm!) my first impression of the place was boring. it was really clean and nice but it lacked a little, i dunno, originality i guess when it came to decorating. i wasn't there to criticize their taste in paint though. they're the best in halifax and i didn't want anything less. my piercers name was todd and he was an all right guy. he made some little comment on me having hair below my lip which made me a little pissed. i decided that he had amazing eyes but was a bit of an asshole. shouldn't i, as the customer, be treated nicely? like it really matters. i chose to pierce my lip on the right side rather than in the middle, as the norm is. todd made me rinse my mouth out with listerine (yuck), cleaned the outside of my lip and then marked where he was going to pierce. he explained what he was going to do and before i knew it he was taking the clamp off my lip. (the clamp is the only painful part i should add) i paid the $60 and left smiling. When i got home i looked in the mirror and much to my dismay, he had pierced right through the very bottom of my lip. lip piercings are generally pierced farther down (more towards the labret). i was unhappy with it and left it alone for a week until i finally decided to go back to skintastics and ask them if it was possible to get it redone. this time i delt with the other piercer there, stu. stu was really friendly and totally understandable. he said that i had to come back in a week when my lip was healed over and todd would do it again for me. i did as he instructed and this time around i marked where i todd to pierce under my lip so i knew i was getting what i wanted. todd was much more curtious and my lip was perfect afterwards. I was a happy camper. That was over a year ago and i recently have removed that piercing and gotten a duplicate on my left side. my original was migrating badly and had almost grown out. the second time i got it done i went to a place in st.catherines, ont. called "artistic impressions". everyone there was really nice and the guy (can't remember his name) was very gentle and very friendly. it made skintastics look really snoby. it also only cost $45 bucks at this place. many of the cleaning tips (such as products to use and what not to use for cleaning) were different than what skintastics advices. todd told me to use a mild antibacterial soap (spectroderm) and mouth wash (oral b antibacterial, not original listerine). artistic impressions however, told me that original listerine was fine as well as using vitamin E oil and tea tree oil. todd told me absolutly not to use tea tree oil or vitamin E. i decided to listen to artistic impressions and used those 2 things and life brand anitbacterial mouthwash and my lip healed fine. another thing guy at artistic told me was that my original lip piercing shouldn't have migrated at all. he said that it was because it had been pierced to close to the bottom of my lip. im not trying to shit on skintastics, their service was great as well as artistic impressions. id go back to both places. I really like my new lip ring but it took awhile to get used to it being on the other side. i got my tongue done for my 19th birthday this year and have 8 old ear piercings. i am planning on getting my first tattoo in sept. for my 20th birthday. im so excited!:) im getting 2 kanji symbols at the bottom of my neck. not very original but the symbols mean somthing to me and i wanna start small! i've been planning out my ears for new piercings and decided to stretch my lobes. i don't want them to big (8ga maybe). i also am going to get a 2 new cartiladge piercings and my right conch. i am debating getting both my nipples next year but i think my 21st birthday present will be another tattoo. i have my heart set on this beautiful tribal piece for my lower back. big commitment for me but i think im ready for it. for me, body modifications are a way to for me to show my induviduality and i also like how it has become a birthday ritual.

"drive a stake through your lip and a ring around your brow but it's fun and you'll get more holes tomorrow." - "pierce me"

by: the planet smashers Alykat


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: Skintastic%27s
Location: Halifax%2C+NS+Canada

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