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long awaited lip ring

ince I was about 12 I've been fascinated with body modifications, especially piercings and tattoos. I had always found the idea of replacing skin with metal to be high desirable. I grew up in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington and my mother and stepfather were against me getting any piercings or tattoos until I moved out or graduated High School. When I was 16 I moved in with my birth father, who prides himself on being a "hip and down with it" type of guy. I had expressed my interest in body mods to him for about 3 years and he had tried to get my a tattoo for Christmas after I moved in with him. We were unable to locate a tattoo shop that wasn't shady that would tattoo minors, so we gave up on that. I told him how I wanted to get a lip ring and after thinking about it for a while, he told me I could get it done for my 17th birthday. The day of my birthday, we took off for Kent Dermagraphics. My stomach was full of butterflies. We stopped to get some coffee and to get me some photography supplies so I could get a little bit less jittery. We finally got to Kent Dermagraphics after getting a little lost. I had a few friends who had been pierced there and their piercings came out ok and healed fine. Upon arrival, I was take back a little because the shop wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. We talked to the guy at the front counter and he told us that the piercer was piercing a navel and would be with me in a few minutes. When the piercer was finally done, I went into the small piercing room. He had me wash my mouth out and cleaned the area where I wanted the piercing. He marked it and had me ok the location, which was about half way between the corner of my mouth and the center of my lip on the right side. He took a clean needle out of the package and clamped my lip. He told me to take a few breaths and after I finished my last one, he quickly stuck the needle through my lip. It didn't hurt in the least; I felt a quick jab that was more pressure than pain. He turned to get the ring and I felt something running down my face. I glanced into the mirror and verified that it was blood and made a "eek!" noise to get his attention to wipe it off. He wiped my face, than slide the ring through the hole and put the bead on. The whole procedure took about 4 minutes. A few things that worried me was the fact that he didn't use gloves while he pierced me and he didn't give me much information on aftercare except to gargle with 50/50 water and Listerene. The ring was also incredibly big- I could stick a cigarette through it. He told me that they pierced with larger rings so that it wouldn't get caught when the lip swelled. The healing process went very smoothly. A friend of mine had told me how he took 6 asprins after he got his tongue pierced for the second time and it didn't swell up badly. That night I took 6 asprins and made sure to wash my mouth out with Bactine every time I smoked. The next day it wasn't swollen or sore at all. It never got swollen but was a little sore about 2 days later for a few days. I changed the ring to a smaller, silver hoop and loved it. I had to eventually take it out because I needed to work, but I plan on getting it re-pierced someday. I plan on getting my nipples, outter labia, tragus', and tongue done along with tribal wings on my back, a tribal across my cheast, and the Kanji character for 'evil' on the back of my neck. I've also been entertaining the idea of desiging a tribal devil tail to get on my lower back as a constract to the tribal wings.

All in all-if you want a lip ring, I highly suggest getting one. The pain factor is low, they're fairly easy to take care of (if you don't mind constantly washing your mouth out after you eat or smoke), and are fun to play with. I'd make sure you check the place out before hand, though, and make sure they're clean and respectable. I plan on getting my future tattoos and piercings done at Laughing Buddah in Seattle. When I changed the ring in my lip, I wasn't able to get the ball back onto the hoop, so I went to Laughing Buddah to have them help me (it was closer to my house than Kent Dermagraphics) and Rochelle was very helpful. Have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Kent+Dermagraphics
Location: Kent%2C+Washington

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