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my labret story

een interested in body mods for quite some time now. I like being different than all my friends. Not for attention or anything like that though. I just like to be me, and I feel I wouldn't truly be me if I wasn't pierced. I started with ear piercings at around 15. I ended up with 5 in each ear (gunned cringe). I eventually took them out after they caused me nothing but trouble. After much research on BME and other places, I decided to get my first real piercing- my tongue. Soon after I got an industrial piercing in my right ear. After swallowing my tongue bar and letting my industrial close up, I have been wanting to get another piercing. My mother is very supportive of my piercings, as is my whole family. My 76 year old grandmother actually paid for me to get my tongue done as a 16th birthday present! I had wanted my labret pierced for some time, but I was in a private all girl's high school at the time, and they had a strict no piercing rule. In may I decided to transfer, so I was then able to get facial piercings. After deciding that I seriously wanted my labret pierced I approached my mother about it. My mom, while being usually supportive said no at first because of the whole turmoil surrounding my swallowing of the barbell and all that. I also think she said no because we were around family and some of her friends at the time. When I told them what a labret was, there was a chorus of ewwws, and why would you want to mutilate yourself like that? I gave up for a while. very so often I would ask her, but she was still rather reluctant. Well last night she gave in and said yes. So today after I woke up we went down to pleasurable and filled out all the forms and everything. The girl working at the counter was very friendly and nice. She had her labret pierced and 2 lowbrets on each side of her face. I found out later that she was a part time piercer and a tattoo artist at silk city tattoo, which is located behind pleasurable. I picked out a 14 gauge standard labret stud, and we sat down to wait. I'll admit I was a little nervous, but not by much, just the usual butterflies in my stomach . I was mostly just very impatient and excited. I had been to Pleasurable for piercings 2 times prior, and I knew pretty much what to expect. I trusted the piercers, and everything. After waiting about 10 minutes Jaime- who did my industrial- called me into the room. I rinsed with tech 2000- much better than listerine. I laid down in the purple dentist chair .He clamped my lip, told me to breathe out and within 30 seconds I was pierced. it DID hurt, but was nothing I couldn't handle. It's an indescribable type of pain really. I got up and I was a little dizzy and still high on adrenaline. I looked in the mirror. I loved it. and there was no blood which was a plus. It is now about 7 hours later- no swelling, no pain, just minor discomfort. I'm in love with it. It is a little uncomfortable to eat with, but other than that it's all been smooth sailing so far. I highly recommend pleasurable piercings if you live in northern new jersey. they are a little expensive- I paid 66 dollars for my labret, but the staff is friendly, the jewelry is high quality, it's IMMACULATELY clean, and the piercers are all very thorough and know what they are doing. It's the only place I really know of in northern new jersey that has a good reputation for quality and the like. I really love how it looks. It's perfectly centered. I feel it's a very aesthetically pleasing piercing. It's not a piercing everyone has. I don't pierce to please others or for attention. I pierce because it makes ME happy, and I like how it makes me feel and look. for now this will be my last piercing, or at least until I turn 18 (8 months).So far all my experiences have been great, aside form swallowing a barbell, but that was my fault! While most people still do not understand why I do this, most people I know are still pretty accepting. It might just be the area I live in. Piercings are pretty common in the new york new jersey area, but like all places there are still close-minded people here. I have just been lucky to not have run into too many of them. No matter what people think or say though, I love piercings. I think they are beautiful and a great way to express yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jaime
Studio: Pleasurable+Body+Piercings
Location: Hawthorne+New+Jersey

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