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The sad tale of my labret piercing

ad tale of my labret piercing~ Body piercings have always appealed to me. I think they are a brilliant display of self expression as well as being incredibly sexy. I particularly like facial piercings as long as they complement a feature and don't overpower it. I had decided to get my labret pierced and after 6 months of waiting, making sure that it was what I really wanted, I took the plunge. The day of the piercing, I was so excited. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time and it really meant a lot to me. I had done my homework and decided that the piercing shop was where I would get it done. They fulfilled all of my requirements in that the piercer was highly experienced, the business was long established and upon visiting the premises (a few years beforehand), it appeared clean and inviting. On arrival I filled out the necessary forms...one of which asked on it that I not hold the piercer liable in the event of death (how I could do that I am not too sure). I then took a seat. After waiting ohhhh 15 minutes I was asked to go through by the piercer's assistant. She asked me to rinse my mouth out with some nasty mouthwash and handed me 2 stress balls. She said to me "I will be your friend" to which I replied "ok". I lay down and asked her a few predictable questions...Does it hurt? "It hurts a little but only for about 2 seconds". Does the jewellry feel uncomfortable when it's in? "It takes a little to get used to". Can you eat solid food during the initial healing period? "If it feels comfortable for you but you must rinse your mouth out with mouthwash after it comes into contact with anything". Oh, and she gave me a scalp massage with lavender oil. I felt relaxed and even happy, after all, this was to be a special event in my life. So after about half an hour, the assistant told me she would find the piercer. She left me alone for a short while which was not a good thing...anxiety slowly crept in. Finally the piercer appeared.......She greeted me in a rather gruff manner and told me to sit up. She then proceeded to draw one small dot below my lower lip and another larger dot closer to my chin. She asked me whether I would want to wear a ring in my labret and when I replied "no" that was it. I lay back in the chair under a burning hot lamp positioned only centimetres from my face. I felt her mark the spot where the piercing was to be. From a set of tools she had laying on the bench, she took a clamp and well, clamped my lip. I felt the sear of the needle as it punctured flesh but the pain was slight compared to what I had expected. "Cool, it's over" I thought to myself but then aghhhhh the jewellry was threaded through which was a little painful. I think it was more the shock of it though, as I wasn't expecting it. That, coupled with the fact that it was a fishtail labret with a really long end on it. She cut some of the length off the fishtail and bent it into shape. Wow, it was over. I was shown my new adornment in the mirror but only briefly. The adrenalin had kicked in and the thought of whether the piercing was accurate was furthest from my mind. When in the car, I checked it in the rear view mirror. Did it look slightly off centre? I asked my friend who had come with me...."well, maybe slightly". For the next 2 days all I could do was sit in front of the mirror, looking at it from all angles, asking everyone I know "is it in the centre?" It was driving me crazy.....I absolutely loved the piercing but to my eye, it was slightly off centre. Two days after the piercing I took it out. I am still devastated. I would like to get my labret pierced again or perhaps another facial piercing that doesn't need to be so central. But I did love my labret piercing and was told it really suited me. The place that did my piercing offered to do another one free of charge....but would you let someone pierce you again if they fucked it up the first time?????? Word of mouth is by far the best way to choose your piercer (in my opinion). And always make sure YOU are comfortable with the positioning of your piercing. After all, it is your body and you must feel comfortable with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Lyn%3F
Studio: The+piercing+shop
Location: Brisbane

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