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Conquering The Fear: My lip ring

st entered high school at 14 and was already quite different than the preppy people that dominated my school. Like most people I was looking to for a change. I was looking for someway to identify myself, some way to find myself and some way to distinguish myself from my peers. I was never one to conform to what was "in" at the time and to be like everyone else.

through out my early teens I strived to be an individual, which in most cases worked against me rather than for me. Yet still, I was searching for the perfect way to separate myself from most of my preppy peers. Most of my friends had the same ideology as me:non-comforming. They, with bodies full of metal and ink, had inspired me to change my physical image now that my mentality was clearly different than most. My best friend Alaina carried herself with pride along with 8 tattoos, a medusa, navel, 12 ear rings and ear related piercings, and multiple tongue rings and a septum. I confided in her and told her that I was looking to change my physical image to exemplify and embellish on my non-comformity. She told me that it was a good idea, but to only do it because I wanted to....and not because everyone else was doing it. I assured her it was because I wanted to do it and not because it was the cool thing to do now adays. I asked her about different piercings and what would hurt the most and what wouldn't. She talked about her piercings and this is pretty much what she rated the pain (on a scale from one to 10) 1: tongue:7 2. septum:9 1/2 ouch! 3. Lobe rings :4. 4. Cartilage: 5 5. Navel: 4 6. Medusa: 6. I talked about it for a while with some other friends of mine and they recommended I get a lip ring. My parents really didn't know about it (and later they were really really pissed off about it, so I recommend everyone CHECK FIRST IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. YOUR PARENTS PAY FOR YOUR BILLS AND THE CLOTHES ON YOUR ASS!) I knew they'd say know if I asked so I decided to just go for it. I went out with Alaina when she got her Medusa piercing. I fucking almost passed out from the sight of the needle. I serisouly had never been afraid of needles before but when I saw this bitch, I got really

grosses out. Alaina teased me forever about it, but I just kind of ignored it. I was thinking how am I ever going to get a lip ring if I hate needles? It was probably just a nerve thing so I didnt pay attention. Alaina was 18 at the time and had to come with me to get it done.Alaina is cool about stuff like this, but she'd never come with me if she thought I was a poser, to me her coming with me was an honor. So eventually the weekend came and it was my time to get my desired piercing. We drove for like 2 hours and arrived at the shop. Jeff, the piercer was a friend of Alaina's and was really nice. He asked me what I wanted and if I'd had anything done before. I said no and told him what I wanted.

It was obvious he was an expert. He showed me pictures of how it'd look what he'd be using and that all his needles are fresh and never used twice.

So I sat back in the chair with Alaina holding my hand and I saw Jeff raise the needle. I totally lost it. I hate needles...but I didn't know about that the fear would come back after I saw Alaina get her Medusa. I got out of the chair and took a walk around the studio until I calmed down a bit. I asked myself what I was so scared of. It would be over in a little bit, it may hurt but it's worth it. Alaina talked me into sitting back down and I did. I closed my eyes and I felt Jeff apply a cold wet substance to my chin and he drew a dot where the ring was to be. I swear I think I black out because I don't remember much after that. But I opened my eyes and there it was..the piercing. I was so happy that I believed in myself and got it done. It was totally worth it, and since then I've gotten 2 tongue piercings, my eyebrow, Labret and navel done. I couldn't be happier, and will get more. I cured my fear of needles in the process of discovering and changing myself. Non-conformity was the way for me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jeffery+Ramarggio
Studio: Rumor
Location: Michigan

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