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My Lip Protecter

Hello everybody! I am here today to write about my wonderful experience getting my lip pierced. Yes, it all started in eighth grade when I set my eyes on a tongue piercing. Now kiddies, this was a while ago when tongue rings weren't very popular. I thought getting a tongue piercing was awesome and I loved the way it looked. It could be a very private thing. No one has to know. So anyways...I got my tongue pierced when I was a junior in high school. I usually just wear a disguiser in it and I love it! I'm sure you all know by now that piercings and tattoos are VERY addictive. They're like those potato chips. "You can never just have one." So on I went to get my navel pierced and my right conch pierced. I got them both done at Venus on the Lower East Side. Highly recommended if you're ever in the area. (4th/Ave.A and B) Rrrrrright, so on to the lip piercing. I have found out that I really like oral piercings. I pierced my tongue webbing myself but could never put the little bead in the jewelry, so obviously it closed. I needed another hole. One day I went to visit my friend who goes to school at Pratt in Brooklyn. We were just hanging out, being stupid, and doing what college kids do best. It was getting late and I NEEDED to pierce my lip that night. Shops were closing, so we hopped on the subway and went to Manhattan. I wanted to get my lip done at Venus cuz I really like the people and atmosphere there, but since it was late, we went to Andromeda, which was still open. My friend and I wandered in and I looked at the jewelry. I got a 1/2 inch 14g cbr with a silver ball. I heard that lips swell, so I thought it would be a better idea to get pierced with a hoop instead of a labret. Now, I wear both, depending on my mood. I waited like 5 minutes for them to clean the jewelry or whatever it is they do while you wait. For all I know, they just stand around doing crossword puzzles and wait for you to get that nervous feeling. Well, I was starting to get the nervous feeling, so my friend followed me into the room. I had seen the guy who pierced me around the city before, so oddly, I felt a little more comfortable. He told me I'd be able to more the "hole" (marker) side to side, but not up and down. He didn't want there to be any receding gums later. It was super right smack in the middle of my lower lip area, so I gave him the go ahead. He was very professional and to the point. I like that. He counted to three and pushed the needle through. It hurt, I'll admit it. It hurt the most out of all my piercings. Most of the time I really don't feel the needle, but this time I felt the tear/pinch. It's hard to describe. But anyway, the uncomfortableness (if that's a word) disappeared as soon as the hoop was in. I couldn't stop smiling. It was hard smiling too because the hoop would push against my teeth and it felt weird. But fun weird. I thanked him and tipped him and on me and my friend went. We wandered around the city and walked down to the Twin Towers. It was around midnight, so the city was beautiful. My lip had only swollen a little bit. I was eating and drinking and laughing by now. My piercing was grrrrrrreat! Now, this surprised me because my tongue had swollen up sooo much and was incredibly painful. It had turned purple and I couldn't eat for a week. My lip piercing was totally opposite. It was fine right after the needle was out. One thing that is odd though is kissing. Maybe I'm just a retard, but my labret back gets caught on the top of my teeth when I kiss someone. Just thought I'd point that out. I really like my lip ring. It's fun and it isn't too popular; at least where I live it isn't. Out of all my piercings though, my conch is my favorite. I really couldn't tell you why, but it is. I love all kinds of body art and I have this cool book called Colorful Pain. I recommend it for the enthusiast. All it is is a collection of black and white pictures of tattoos and piercings. A lot of septum piercings in this book. Go get it. One more thing: If you are thinking about getting a lip/labret ring, know this. It will scar. I took mine out for a job and in 2 weeks it shrank a little, but you could see the hole. I think I'll always have a hole there. Since then I've stretched it back up to a 14g and I prefer a labret to a ring. Well, that's the end of my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day! P-/ (It's a pirate! Go pirate man!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+remember
Studio: Andromeda
Location: St.+Marks%2C+NYC

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