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my horrific story =(

It had been about 6 months since I've wanted to get my lip pierced and here is the story... Ok well here is my story about my horrible lip piercing. The day started out by my mom asking me if I wanted to go to the city with her and her boyfriend so I'm like sure. We go to the village and I'm thinking to myself; I had my tongue pierced around here why not bug mom to get my lip pierced.
We went into the village because it was the area where my mom needed to do her work, and I was thinking maybe I should ask my mom about to get my lip pierced, so I ask her and she is like NO! So her boyfriend and me go across the street to look in a tattoo/piercing shop and we look around at tattoo designs and piercings, and keep walking around the village and we are near the place where I had gotten my tongue pierced. So I'm like mom can I PLEASE get my lip pierced? And she is like NO! And her boyfriend is like go take a walk and let me talk to your mom. 5 minutes later I walk back and he is like come-on lets do it, but you have to get a stud. So we walk in and I'm like I want get my lip pierced and he gives me a sheet to fill out, I fill it out the guy comes out and says you ready? (I'm really excited because I've wanted this piercing for a really long time.) I walk in and sit in the infamous "dentist" chair, and he straps a bib on me and takes out a marker and dots where I wanted it done and let's me check it in a mirror, gives me some Listerine and tells me to swish around for 20 seconds, he pulls out the clamps makes sure its over the dots, then he has the needle out and is like alright take a deep breath in and exhale; wham its threw, then he puts the hoop in and puts the ball on and gives me more Listerine to swish around, we walk out he gives me a care sheet and tells to clean the outside with bactine twice a day and use Listerine after eating, smoking, drinking. I walk out and there are 2 people waiting to get pierced and I show them my new lip ring. This is just the beginning... Then my mom's boyfriend sees it and says HOLY SHIT you were supposed to get a stud because your mom will kill me. (My mom wanted the stud because I had to go to court with her in a week for a custody battle or something. And she didn't want the judge to give custody of me to my grandma) (I was only 15 when I got it done). I was just so dam excited I forgot that I was supposed to get a stud. Mario goes back into the little room and gets his stuff together comes out and asks if I'm ready. I go back and sit down in the infamous "dentist" chair, he takes out the hoop and has some KY jelly and puts that over the holes and try's to put the needle through the back hole like five to six times. (Yes it was painful) When he finally got it through my lip was numb and my chin was all bloody (I wanted to walk out with the blood all over my chin, but for safety reasons it wouldn't happen) he cleaned my chin off showed me a mirror and I was like thank you sooo much. I walked out and had my mom's boyfriend paid for it, and we walk out. I show my mom and she isn't that happy but what can she do?

2-3 days after I had that done I switched it back to the hoop and then I had problems from there on, the back of my lip was getting cut up and I couldn't stop playing with it, so like 2 weeks after having it I decide to take it out and let it close up and just get it re-done. Then about 2-3 weeks later I get some money together and take the train into the city and get my lip re-pierced. Now it's all healed and I love the thing except when I stick my tongue out my tongue rings clank to it but o-well. When I can get more money I want to get a glow in the dark spike stud for my lip. Well that's my horrible lip piercing experience, and the most painful piercing I have. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: mario
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Location: new+york%2C+ny

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