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Day of the Labret

ll this is my 5th submission to BME, and Im going to tell you the story of my labret. I've always been very into piercing, and have my lip, tongue, and 2 eyebrow..I never even really liked labrets, until one day the idea popped into my head, so I thought, why not? its another piercing! So now all I needed to do was talk my mom into letting me do it, I have asked her several times before (7 months and she STILL doesn't know about my tongue) and she said no, but now it was 2 days before my 16th birthday, and she said fine. I couldnt tell you how happy I was, it was 11:00pm and I wanted it done then, but I'd haveto wait till the next day. My good friend was over and she said she'd go with me. So all night I was picturing how it would look next to my lip ring, and I started getting discouraged, and telling myself I didnt want it, just because I thought it wouldnt look good. But I tried to talk myself out of it and just went to bed.. Finally the next day we woke up at 2 in the afternoon, and I wanted to get there right when the place opened at 4. It took my friend forever to get ready, so we ended up leaving at 7pm. We were on our way and I wasnt even excited at all, and Im usually dying with anticipation. My friend told me to shutup and stop complaining, but I never did. So after all the whining, we finally got there. We walked in and the guy recognized us immediately (this is where I had gotten my lip done, so I knew they were cool). Someone else was getting something done so it would be a little while. We sat around and waited, and I was finally getting nervous, thinking about how much my lip hurt before, and trying to imagine how awful the pain and healing would be. So in the middle of my lamenting the guy who had done my lip asked who I wanted to pierce me, him, or another piercer (whom I had never met, but is the best piercer in the city). I said I didnt care, so the other guy did it... He came out and introduced himself, he was very very nice, and I felt comfortable already, even though I had already been through this process 5 times.. But anyways, we then went over to the counter to pick out some jewelry, I wanted my bar to be kinda long, since the swelling for my lip was so awful. So I picked it out, and we went back into the room. I sat down on the little doctors chair/table, and he got all this tools ready. This place is very clean and well kept, so I wasnt worried about anything being dirty. So he showed me how each one was sterile, and that they were new and coming right out of the bag, and told me exactly what he would do with each tool. By now I was really nervous, because Im a big wimp for pain, so after about 10 mins of prep time, he was ready. He marked my lip about 10 times, because he was a perfectionist and wanted it perfectly in the middle, and I wanted it kinda far down. So after the mark was set, he put the clamps on (they usually never hurt, but it was pushing on my frenum so it was kinda painful since it was so far down). After the clamps were set, he told me to take a deep breath, then he pushed the needle through (it was a 14 gauge)it actually didnt hurt as much as I thought, it was more of a fast pinch. After that he put the jewelry in and I looked in the mirror, and loved it! I was very happy with the way it turned out, my friend liked it alot too. It was finally over now,he told me not to eat anything spicy or too sugary for the next week or so, and to rinse with sea salts and mouth wash. Then I paid, tipped him and we left.. Right after, eating, talking, and smiling was a bitch..The back side irrated me soo much!! it would rub and get caught on the top of my teeth when I ate. I was dreading the thought of it being like this the entire time. Luckily it didnt swell, it just stung for about 2 days. My healing periods are usually hellish, and more pain than you could imagine, and for a long amout of time..I was pleasently suprised by this one, especially it being oral.. But now its about a week later, and its doing great, that awful irration is gone, I cant even feel it there (thank god). I would reccommend it to anyone who wants it, GET IT Happy piercing,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 June 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: R.
Studio: Eagle
Location: Chicago%2C+IL

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