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Painful Lip Piercing at Body Manipulations

d been a few months since I'd been stuck, so I decided to go get my lip pierced. The only problem was that I was travelling in Europe. Stupidly, I decided to get pierced anway. So, I went to Amsterdam's finest Internet lounge/smart shop, the Dream Lounge (www.consciousdreams.nl) and did some research. I decided that Body Manipulations was my best bet. I called them up and asked if they took appointments, and they said I could just come on over, but not today, they were about to close. This was good, because it gave me a little time to decide I really wanted the piercing. When I got there the next day it was very crowded and busy. After a few minutes I got the counter person's attention. I asked him a few questions about the shop and told him that I wanted a 12 gauge cbr with a black hematite bead. He told me he had to ask the piercer if it was all right for me to get pierced at 12 gauge, as most of they pierce most lips there at 14. This made me a bit suspicious, but I decided to go through with it anyway. After the piercer OK'd it he took a look at my lip and told me the CBR would be 7/16" to account for swelling, but that I could get it sized down in a few weeks. I filled out the release form and was informed I had a two hour wait ahead of me. After strolling around the canals for a while I headed back. It was another 20 minutes or so before I was called, which I spent reading a well-thumbed issue of PFIQ. Finally, my name was called. My piercer, Mascha, led me to the piercing room, which was clean, but not as private and quiet as I would have liked. As she was swabbing me with betadine we chatted a bit. She seemed to be making a lot of jokes. I think she probably does this to calm people down, but seeing as I wasn't nervous and was in more of a serious mind-frame, it irritated me a bit. She marked the spot where she would pierced and asked if it looked OK to me. I asked her to move it a tiny bit to the left. She did, and I decided it looked more centered where she'd put it originally. She changed it back and then determined the angle of the piercing with a toothpick (I don't know exactly what she did.) She changed her gloves every time that cross-contamination could have occured. At this point she clamped me and told me she wanted me to breathe deeply, and she'd pierce on the exhale. As I exhaled she slid the needle in. The pain wasn't as bad as my septum, but worse than my tongue or ears. About 2 or 3 seconds after she pierced me I felt a wave of ecstatic bliss run throughout my body. It's the same feeling I've get from hiking up a steep mountain with a backpack on and being treated to an awesome view. The only difference was that this felt more erotic. It surprised me, because I haven't gotten that intense of a rush from any of my other piercings, not even my septum, which hurt more. I think I may just be learning to relax and enjoy getting pierced more. As she started sliding the ring in I heard her make a small noise, almost like a grunt. At this point I wasn't feeling much, but that was about to change. She said "The ring won't go in. This shouldn't happen. It should slide right in." She kept trying to follow the needle with the ring, but it wouldn't go in. Eventually the needle fell out. My lip was starting to hurt at this point and my endorphins were fading quickly. Then the needle fell out. She quickly changed her gloves and got out a twelve gauge taper. She put the taper in a little bit and gave me a rest. She told me that she needed to use a taper to get the ring in and that my lip was trying to close itself very tightly. She asked me if I was ready and slid the taper through. The taper hurt a lot, but it was bearable. Once it was all the way in she tried to slide the ring through after it, but it wouldn't budge. At this point I started to see blood on her gloves. My lip hurt like a bitch by now. She told me she was going to try again with a new taper and a shitload of KY jelly. My girlfriend came over to hold my hand. Mascha lubed up a new taper and stuck in. By now it was one of the worst pains I've ever felt. She tried a few times but just couldn't get the ring in. I was about to throw in the towel when she informed me she was getting the owner of the shop, Esther Saldana. Esther came in, washed her hands and gloved up as Mascha explained the situation to her. Esther spoke to Mascha in English and Mascha spoke to Esther in Dutch, which was kind of weird. Esther immediately took a look at the ring and asked Mascha to bring her a new one. She said she thought it was causing the problem. She asked me if I was in a lot of pain, and I nodded. She asked Mascha to get her some topical lidocaine. I told her that I'd prefer not to use anesthetic (didn't want to look like a wimp in front of my girlfriend ;) She told me the lidocaine would reduce the swelling as well as reduce the pain and make it easier to get a ring in. I said ok and she swabbed my lip with the lidocaine. She then easily slid a taper in, which I didn't even feel at all. She then easily inserted a new ring and closed it. Esther said that the reason the ring wouldn't go in is because they usually get all their jewelry from Industrial Strength, but they sometimes run out and buy jewelry from a Dutch supplier. The jewelry from Industrial Strength is measured in gauges, while Dutch jewelry is measured in millimeters. She said a very small difference in the size of the needle and the size of the jewelry, combined with a lip prone to swelling up quickly made the jewelry impossible to insert. I don't know if I buy this or not. I accepted her answer, as I didn't feel like making a stink, and they were going to give me 50% off. Esther went over aftercare with me. Her bedside manner was very very good. She told me about how she'd been piercing for 15 years and how she'd opened the first piercing studio in San Fransisco (Body Manipulations) in 1989. She told me they were the first ones to recommend Dr Bronner's baby castille for aftercare, which impressed me (I always use it to clean my piercings.) We chatted for a few minutes, then she rung me up. She gave me the 50% discount on the piercing and told me to come and get it checked on in a few days. I'm back in America now and the piercing is doing fine. It's almost fully healed after six weeks. It's perfectly centered, and it looks very good. I'm very pleased with it. I'd even say the pain was worth it. If you have any questions email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 June 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mascha%2FEsther+Saldana
Studio: Body+Manipulation
Location: Asmterdam

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