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My piercing obsession

k that ever since I was a little kid I had an obsession with body modification. I would constantly look through the national geographics that my parents recieved in the mail, only looking at the pictures of people as far away as Africa. I observed their cultures through a foreigners eyes, always wondering about the lip plates and ear stretching among other things. I always found an odd beauty in the lip plates and piercings, tribal tattoos, scarification.I also was drawn deep into the world of self-piercing by my friend Scott, who has always inspired me to push myself beyond my limits. My first ever piercing was when I was 16 and I pierced my own lip. I would not recommend this to just anyone. I had previously studied on the ideas and concepts of body piercing so I had something to use as a touchstone for my beginning. Before the piercing I thought long and hard about the ramifications of self piercing. Things like the fact that I could get infected, which would not be very happy, and that I could seriously damage nerves in my face. But I also wanted the experience. I started by getting myself all psyched up by listening to some punk rock tunes, and getting all my supplied prepared, which did include disinfectant, a clean needle, freshly washed hands, and rubber gloves. I relaxed and reminded myself that I was going to take my time. I very slowly put the needle into my lip. At first it was awkward because my skin did not want to easily give way to the needle by soon I felt the needle slipping through the layers of my skin easily. I would take a rest whenever it would start to hurt alot, and I would continue after by twisting the needle and giving it one more push. The hardest part was getting it through the other side. But I did. After that I needed to make the hole larger so that I could fit jewelry in. This was not very successful and soon I was worn out and tired and I decided to go to bed and finish in the morning. When I got up in the morning, I gingerly shoved the needle through and put my jewelry in, and after that I was as happy as a clam. My dad thought that it was pretty cool, but it really grossed my mom out, so I took it out for her. A couple of months later I repierced it though(this time it only took 45 minutes) and I kept it on the low down. After a while I got so tired of putting it in and taking it out constantly that I took it out, and let it heal over. Someday I will do it again, but this time I'll be even faster. Some of you who have had your piercings done proffessionally are probably saying "ohmygawd!! 45 minutes?" but in truth, this was a ritual for me. It was a way of assuring myself that my body is mine, and that I could conquer anything. I also liked the slightly painful feeling. I could feel each layer of skin breaking over the needles point, and the sensation of bumming around with a needle sticking out of your face is actually quite amazing. I don't think that I would have wanted it any other way! After I had done my lip I moved on to bigger better and more challenging things. I have since then self-pierced my right helix, and both my tragus'. The tragus' we quite hard, and I did them in steps. First I did my left one, which took about an hour an forty-five minutes, the last half hour was a bitch, but I still think that it was worth it. Getting the jewelry in was yet again a lost cause but I managed. My mom thought the tragus was pretty cool. I found that I had to modify the way that I slept so that I wouldn't irritate the piercing. The about a 2 months later I did the right one, although I did something different and frigged it up. At first it was fine, but then in 3 months it started to migrate. When the migration started I thought that I might be getting infected because my tragus was hurting and I couldn't sleep on it like I usually could. AFter about a month I noticed that it was doing some serious travelling so I took it out and let my body heal. I have a really fine line scar on my tragus now, but I still have my left ring. I plan to someday redo my tragus and pierce my lobes so that I can start on my stretching project.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: my+temple
Location: Dartmouth%2C+NS%2C+Canada

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