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Of coarse it hurt, but so what?

eople really crack me up when they say that NONE of their piercings ever hurt and your a real big pussy if ya think it did. I have had my eyebrow, nose, and lip pierced now, and the only one that didn't hurt getting pierced was the eyebrow(and boy was it a pain in the ass for the next week though). You just have to get over it and do it if you really want to.

About my lip though, it was probably the most painful. I've grown to get excited over the piercing experiences and get this great surge right before the piercer goes for it. I went to get my lip pierced for the second time about a week ago(my first was defeated by The Man and his policies of piercings being bad on the job). It's still irritating me and the first time I had it pierced (at Rock and Roll Emporium in Charlotte, NC), it healed so fast and was a cinch to take care of. Both places were very sterile, just different strokes for different folks I guess, or in my case, the same bloke, different side of lip. A week ago, I just walked in w/my old ring and told the guy at Epidermal Grafitti(also a tattoo shop) I wanted it sterilized and put back in my lip. ok. I waited for the sterilization and went to the little "piercing room" with him. I sat and watched as I have a few times already as he pulled the ring out of the packet, the needle, the forceps...... Betadine(Allah for the pierced)was applied to my outer lip. The guy(sorry man, don't remember your name)held the ring up to my lip to get a feel for my lip and the position, and in an instant he had the forceps on my lip, pulling the needle from the outer lip in. Dare i mention it sort of stung and the pressure in my lip was immense, just as the first time was.

No blood. My nose was the only thing that ever bled for me to get pierced(and boy did it bleed). Dabbing my lip with a swab with Betadine, he also put some Zinc Bacitracin ointment around the outer lip hole. The zinc ointment helps the crusties NOT be crusty, but just kinda "gooey" and easy to get off. (Blob lots of that shite on there.... s'a damn good thing to have.) The guy knew I had a lip piercing before, so he asked me if I knew how to take good care of it. I said yes. The paper he hands out states that one should use mouth rinse a few times a day and make sure to have Betadine and zinc ointment too. I've been following that plan along with a few things I learned from my first lip ring. Though hydrogen peroxide is not really a good thing to keep using with the metal, in case of severe pain or infections ONLY, I would use a q-tip to apply a decent amount of it and let it clean thoroughly(bubbling up) and then rinse the peroxide off with saline(same kind ya use for ears). Apply zinc ointment. I clean my lip 3 times a day still with Betadine though, and right after....Apply zinc ointment. Rinsing my mouth usually comes after eating or at night and random times of the day, and after doing that...apply zinc ointment, yes, apply zinc ointment(not on the inside gums, silly it tastes like shite anyway). That way, the crusties will not poke into your piercing and cause pain and maybe further infection. With my own(1st) and many others' lip piercings, I've noticed that the real pain is just in the moment of piercing, and the pain goes away fast and it's not hard to eat at all, just be smart about bunking your lip and eat slow. If you manage to take really good care of your lip, or whatever you may have pierced, there shouldn't be a problem with a lot of infection or pain. The healing for a lip was rather fast, seemed almost immediate my first time. My second time(this time) was a little more painful, but it was a little farther down into the skin, whereas my first was on the border of my lip and skin on the outside. My lip is still healing though, just a little slower. No one should expect anything, just take good care of it, that's all I can say and in time, not too long of a time, it will heal and be soooo beyoootiful. Overall, the pain was definately worth it and CLEANING YOUR PIERCINGS is too, because the only "pussies" (as you say), to me, are the ones who whimp out at an infection or the first few days of pain and take thier piercings out, not the ones who think that a piercing can hurt. Bdeh Bdeh Bdeh, that's all folks..... email me if you have any nose or eyebrow questions too;-) Robyn


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2000
in Lip Piercing

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