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Nervous for nothing

anted the center of my lip pierced for quite awhile now. I even wanted so bad that I ended up piercing it myself a few years ago with a sewing needle but that was a stupid idea. My mother made me take it out and it hurt pretty bad. I passed out and got nauseous. From then on I've bugged my mother for the longest time to let me get it done professionally. Of course her answer was "no, not under my roof!" So I turned 18 in April and I was free to make my own choices but still her answer was no. It was the night of June 8th, I had just graduated and I thought I deserved this piercing. So I spoke with my aunt who is REALLY cool and she told me to just do it and show my mother I'm responsible and I'm free to make my own decisions of what I do with my body. I was going to do it. The next morning (Friday) I picked up my 2 best friends, Benson and Paul, and we went out to breakfast at IHOP. I was SO nervous, I couldnt even eat my food. After we were done we headed to Bad Seed piercing shop downtown Portland. We had to wait a little bit until jasin opened the shop, so we went and sat down in Bombshell tattoo and looked at some pictures of peoples tattoos. I was shaking and my head was getting all hot. I have a pretty big fear of needles, I used to get all scared before I went to the doctors and got a simple shot. Jasin opened the shop and I told him I wanted a ring in the center of my lip, (it was cheaper too). So I filled out the forms saying if something happens to you, you won't hold the piercer responsible, blah blah. I filled it out, showed him my I.D. and I knew I couldn't turn back now. I wanted this done. I went up and sat on the table thing, and he made me swish with yellow nasty tasting listerine for about 30 seconds. That was seriously the worst part of it. It made my mouth numb and tasted like crap. Then he marked my lip, and he got it perfect the first time. I told him I already felt light headed and pretty dizzy because I was so scared. He told me I could lay down while he pierced me, so that sounded like a good idea. I layed down and held Benson's hand. Jasin made me feel really comfortable, he explained everything that was going to happen. He clamped my lip, and said on the count of three I'm going to pop this in your lip and bam it's all done, I'll put the jewelry in and you're all set to go. So he counted to three and on three he stuck the needle through. It did NOT hurt at ALL! Yea there was a slight pinch on the first layer of skin but other than that it had to have been the coolest feeling in the world. It's pain but a very good pain. I'm really suprised i didn't feel faint, or sick at all. I felt so relieved. After he pierced me, he slid the ring in and explained to me the aftercare instructions. He made me lay there for awhile just incase I did end up passing out. After that I paid, tipped and thanked him and walked off with my new piercing. I was very happy, and also very proud of myself that I overcame my fear of needles. I love it so much, I recommend to anyone who wants it done to get it! It is pretty much painless and you shouldn't be nervous like I was. This piercing was easier than getting my ears pierced if that tells you anything... Day One: It aches a bit, a little swollen. I ate a lot of cold foods like ice cream, and sucked on a bunch of ice. I went to a party that night and some kid was really drunk and knocked me in the lip on accident. That hurt pretty bad. Day Two: It's pretty swollen, I've got some crusties. I can't help but play with it, which I can't do but oh well. Day Three: Still swollen, I made a mistake and broke a rule. Uh oh...I made out with someone and my inside of my lip is kinda ripped and the outside is bleeding. Day Four: It's even more swollen from kissing but I've been cleaning it a lot. It should get better, I've been sucking on ice a bunch and swishing with listerine. To anyone who gets this, follow the instructions that your piercer gives you so you won't be in pain! Other than that I love my new piercing, I can't wait to play with it. If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me at [email protected] ~Thanks


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jasin
Studio: Bad+Seed
Location: Portland%2C+Maine

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