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Second Hand Piercing

ock. After smoking cigarette after cigarette, I entered the studio harboring doubts over the wisdom of my decision to get my lower lip re-pierced. As I wait for my piercer to come out of the back, I study the tattos on the wall. (I plan to get a set of red and black angel's wings between my shoulder blades as soon as I work up the balls to sit flat on my stomache for hours.) As I try to imagine the pain of that tattoo, I remember how much torture it was when I got my lip done the first time. (Trippy fade-to-black flash-back) It was done in a friend's bedroom, with an unsterilized needle, a 18 gauge purple titanium hoop while watching Alice In Wonderland. So not advisable in my experience.( I think I'll forever cringe in fear when I see the "off with her head" scene) The girl took the needle through the front of my lip (taking a full thirty seconds, it seemed, to get it through.Finally, the needle exploded though my lip with a very neat elastic springy feeling) Then she left the needle in and had to search for the ring! Fun, fun, fun. So I sat there, watching Alice run from the Queen's minions, wishing I could somehow grab my friend and choke her without doing damage to the roof of my mouth. She finally got the hoop in and we proceeded to drop the captive bead several times before smooshing it in. (Scene fades.) (Back to the studio and the imminent re-piercing of the lip.) Garth -the piercer as well as the hero of this story- steps in and tells me he's ready for me to come back. As that annoying little angel in a plaid skirt that sits on my shoulder tugs at my pant legs to keep me from entering, I struggle to make it back to the piercing room. I hear Korn playing in the room and relax a little. (hospital scenes always made me nervous.) In spite of the immaculate surroundings of the room, the boom box gives me a small feeling of being comfortable as I sit in the chair.

That inkling of a feeling jetted away as  soon as I smelled the

disinfectant he used to clean his hands. He checked out my lip to see if it had healed properly and commented on the fact that it was amazing how well it did, despite the immediate swelling when he had taken out the offending ring two weeks earlier. He carefully explained what he was going to do to me. He reassured me that he would be done by the time the current song was done, and asked me if I was ready after having me wash my mouth out. I fumbled around with the napkin at my throat for a second and then gave him a doubtful shrug of my shoulders as he loomed over me with the clamps and needle.

"Some people say that the clamps hurt the worst." he told me,  "Just

concentrate on them and it'll go very smoothly. Breathe though your nose and out through your mouth, hun. It'll be over in just a second." He placed the clamps on the left side of my lower lip and told me he was going to start. He also reminded me to breathe. :-) 'Concentrate on the clamps', I told myself,'Yes, the lovely clamps. la-de-da-da....OW#@!' Then I realized that it hadn't hurt a bit, aside from the pinch I had felt at first. I felt a tickling sensation as he chased the hoop through after the needle......just as the song had ended. "That's it. You're still alive" he chuckled"All I have to do is put the ball in." Me, remembering the pain of this proceedure before, tensed up in anticipation of a jolt or violent tug to my lip. He put it on, tightened the pliers around the thing. Stepped back and adjusted it, and handed me a mirror. At that point, I realized I had dug gashes into my ex-BF's hand. I apologised with a sheepish smile and took a look at my new piercing. Yep. Exactly what I wanted it to look like. I smiled my best smile. (which isn't very good, especially as awkward as I felt with steel in my mouth) and gave Garth a big hug, telling him he was wonderful. Okay, so shoot me. I get feminine during times when someone is holding a needle to my face. I love my piercing even more than the first time I had it done, which had been buoyed by the fact that it was my first. It is a sort of 'rite of passage' through my trials of past years. This time, though, I don't have green puss coming out of the hole and my lip isn't threatening to split in two. I know for sure that when I get my next piercing, I'm definately going to Garth. He was extremely professional, and tried his best to make me feel comfortable. The healing is going quite well and I hope to change the captive ball hoop to a circular barbell when it heals. (curtain closes, exit stage left)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Garth+%28last+name+forgotten%29
Studio: Immortal+Ink
Location: Columbus%2COhio%2FFranklin+County

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