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My High Risk Tongue--The Reason that I got my Lip Pierced.

anted to pierce my tongue for years, and finally went in to get it done at Portland Tattoo a couple months ago. I brought two of my friends with me, and was really excited. I filled out the paperwork, gave the lady my ID and was all set. She instructed me to come around to where they did all of the piercing, just so she could make sure I was able to have my tongue pierced. "No problem," I thought. I flipped up my tongue for her, and watched in horror as she started to shake her head "no." My tongue is apparently too "high risk" to be pierced...the veins were too close to the center. I asked her if it was really that bad, and she told me a story about a guy that came in to get his tongue pierced too, and was also too "high risk." She said that he went to another place to have it done (where they didn't check his tongue) and came in a couple days later, asking her to take the jewelry out because it wouldn't stop bleeding... She said that she looked underneath, and saw that the vein was hanging out. He had to go to the hospital and had seven stitches in his tongue. So i backed off a little, but was still distraught because I had really wanted a piercing. Too many people I knew had the really common piercings--eyebrow, nose, etc., so my friends convinced me that I had nice lips (??) and I decided to get my lip pierced. So I was nervous, but pain really doesn't phase me, so I listerined (it tastes like burning!), sat in the chair. The piercer was this old man who kept mumbling things. That made me really nervous, because I couldn't understand what he was saying. I was just thinking "he's probably telling me something really really important, and I'm just nodding my head pretending that I understand...that's probably bad." He marked a dot, and I had him adjust it a little. "Ok, that's fine." He clamped my lip and pulled it down. At this point I grabbed my friend's hand like a wuss, and closed my eyes. I could feel the needle coming closer, and finally the jab through my lip. I just clenched my hand and squinched my eyes, and then in went the ring. It really was only an instant of pain, just kind of like "what the...hey, you're jabbing a needle through my lip!" I exhaled, and opened my eyes. The first thing I thought when I looked in the mirror was "wow...it's a big ring." But the piercer told me I can change into a smaller one once it healed (i just haven't gotten around to it, still). After I got pierced, they gave me a little checklist of what how to clean it, with what, and how often. We left, and went to the store and bought my required "supplies." The routine is kind of complex and a little lengthy, but it definately does the trick. You have to do it twice a day. First you listerine (once again, tastes like burning, but you get used to it after awhile). Then massage some antibacterial soap around the piercing, and rotate the ring into the piercing (I use liquid Dial soap, it works fine). Rinse off the soap. Then, put a few drops of Gly-Oxide on the inner part of the piercing (the side that's in your mouth). This stuff is pretty cool...it like, fizzes and foams when you put it on, but it tastes like nausea. After a few minutes, spit it out. Then dip a q-tip in some tea tree oil, and coat the piercing with it, rotating the ring into the piercing. Don't rinse off the tea tree oil, just leave it on. By this point, your piercing should be pretty much completely sterile. The biggest pain in the ass about the healing process is the crusting. Blech. It's pretty bad at the begining, and my friends were always like "you got some...crust on your..piercing there..." That was always nice... It was also really tender for awhile. It still is a little bit, but I basically just forget it's there, now. My advice is to make sure you're really good about cleaning it twice a day for AT LEAST a month, ideally 2-3 months (I got lazy though, and resorted to just listerine and dial. I've started doing the whole cleaning deal again, though, because it was starting to get a little weird. Well, I've had the piercing only for about two or three months now, but I love it. To my surprise, it sparks many conversations with strangers. Especially in gas stations, men just come up to me and ask me about it. It's also quite enjoyable to play around with in macroecomonics, when I'm trying not to pay attention. I guess my advice, and the moral of this story (well, not really...) is that 1) if you want to get your tongue pierced, MAKE SURE THE PIERCER MAKES YOU FLIP UP YOUR TONGUE AND CHECKS IT. and 2) don't get your tongue pierced...get your lip pierced instead.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Unsure
Studio: Portland+Tattoo
Location: Portland%2C+Maine

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