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I think I'm in love...

off, I'm from a small town, so there is no such thing as tattoo and piercing shops in town. Obviously when my parents told my husband and I that we were invited to go to Edmonton with them the first thought into my head was "Oh!! I can get another piercing". After that I kinda decided I wanted a tattoo, I've wanted one for a long time so I started my research here on BME. First of all going to the tattoo directory link here and finding a parlour in Edmonton. SUCCESS!!! Found a real nice looking place called Bear's Skin Art, Tattooing & Body Piercing. I ran around on their site for a while checking out the qualifications, portfolios and whatnot. Looked at the piercing page too just in case..her name is Bonni and she's been piercing since '92. Hmmm, must be pretty qualified, I thought. Remember though, I was going to Edmonton to get a tattoo. I search the web ALL DAMN NIGHT to find what I want, a simple Celtic armband around my right forearm, then I find the knot I want. Save the gif, open it in Photoshop and make my armband. Yay me! A couple weeks go by and I'm looking at this band I made in Photoshop. Hmmmmmm.... Now I'm starting to debate with myself, hate when that happens. Tattoo? Piercing? Tattoo? Piercing? Thing is I've wanted my tongue and lip pierced for years, and being 17 my parents have consistently told me to wait until I'm 18. I moved out of home a month after I turned 16, got married this Jan. (Jan 7th 2000 to be exact) so needless to say I grew up fast. I asked my mom if she thought that a couple piercings would be O.K. with her since she would have to sign the little form. I've been through this before having my belly button pierced already. She said she didn't see why not, it's only a couple months before my birthday anyways. So I am PSYCHED. I e-mail Bonni at Bear's and ask her if she will do both piercings in on sitting, she mails back that she will so I excitedly call up Bear's and make my appointment for May 19th. It was only the middle of April when I made the appointment. I had to wait a whole damn month just to inflict pain on my own body? Dammit!!! So the month eventually goes by, meanwhile I'm dreaming about my piercings. Seriously. It was the first thing I thought of before I crawled into bed at night (early morning really). Finally it's the 19th and we're driving to Bear's. I am SO excited. My mom and dad are looking at me like I'm crazy and my husband is just shaking his head. He's pretty straight laced. I go into the shop and joke around with Bear, meet Bonni, fill out the form and have my mom sign it.

After I give the form back to Bonni and she leads me down a narrow white hall, making chit chat with me the whole way, and shows me the bathroom. Inside there's a huge bottle of Listerine staring me in the face. Bonni tells me "Allright, just swish with this stuff for a while, and come into the piercing room, whenever you are ready." I smile and tell her okay, watch her leave, then lock the door. Ahhh.... Don't get me wrong; the piercing never hurts as much as you think it will. Its all just anticipation and adrenaline. So I fill a cup with this blue Listerine, I've never had the stuff so I have no idea what to expect. Shit, that stuff is terrible. I rinsed till my tongue was numb twice, just to make sure every thing was spic and span and made my way back to the piercing room. Its really clean in here, she's got all the sterilized jewellery, clamps, needles, and a clean marker out on the table. I sit in this fancy looking plastic covered dentist-like-chair and she explains to me that she will first check my tongue and lip with her eyes, a flashlight and the clamps on just to make sure every thing is piercable. So I'm sitting there while she pokes and prods at my mouth and I notice a big poster of Betty Paige on the wall. She tells me that my tongue isn't piercable. WHAT?! Turns out I have one big nasty vein running down the middle that doesn't move. She doesn't want to risk hitting the vein, her exact words "No one has ever bled like that in here, and noone ever will." Okay. She also tells me that there's someone on the south side that will pierce it crooked for me to miss the vein if I want it done that badly. Now, if I'm gunna shell out 50$ for a piercing I want it to be perfect, so I tell her it's okay about the tongue. So she cleans below my lip where she is going to pierce (center, this is not a labret people) and puts the clamps on, of course she's been wearing gloves since she started examining. The clamps aren't too bad. I close my eyes, she asks, "ready?" I say yeah and she shoves the needle through. It's a good pain, hard to explain though, like pressure and the sensation of the cold steel (or whatever else its made of) needle sliding through your skin. Now, most people probably don't enjoy this feeling as much as I do. =) She slides the jewellery in and I ask her to put a stainless steel ball in, she does. Then I ask how the hell I get the bead outta my navel ring. "OH! It just pops out !" she says, then she shows me. Jeez, I've been playing with that thing ever since I got it trying to change the ball! =) So I'm pierced. No pain, a little blood, and a pretty silver ring later she tells me all about the cleaning and things as such. Wicked. We chat a little about Betty Paige, how I'm married so young, and what a breeze I am to pierce. Apparently I am incredibly relaxed during the process. She tells me that I can go to a bead store and get replacement beads, she tells me where one is and I go out to pay. I also got a sterilized downsize CBR for my lip since she used a bigger one for the swelling. I pay the lady and tip her. What fun! So now I'm full of adrenaline and I go to the bead store. Ya know, it's a pain in the ass to eat for the first few days, and I did a lot of sucking on ice, but I think this has gotta be the best piercing. It's just so pretty! =) So if you're thinking about it but nervous or unsure, do it. And I highly recommend Bear's Skin and Bonni. The pain is bearable, nothing to immobilizing, and it's worth it. Happy Piercing! Michelle

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Bonni
Studio: Bear%27s+Skin+Art%2C+Tattooing+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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