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My New Lip Rings

ecided to get pierced about a year or so ago after my best freind did it, but I found many reaons why I couldnt do it, that was until Monday, May 15... I asked around and found that one of the best places in Salt Lake City was Big V8 Deluxe and the first thing that came to mind was "Why do I want a Health Drink?" But I went in and said "I want my lip pierced!" the guy whos name I forgot said that his piercer wasnt in yet, and so they called him and Pat said that if I left a depoisit for the ring he would cut me a break of some sort. so I made my appointment and left 60$, I didnt know if these guys were legit because I am a skeptical person, so I trusted them and came back at the apointed hour when I came back everyone was so nice, they were like good freinds just talkin and having fun, they did everything they could to make me laugh and feel more relaxed. And it worked for the most part, but like any normal person I was nervous as hell, and I met Pat. He was a young guy about 22 or 23 and just all around cool,I mean he said if I gave him 10$ more he would put another ring in my lip. So I figured what the hell I am doing this what is one more hole going to hurt? Not to mention he was supersafe I mean he went through a box and a half of gloves in the hour that he spent piercing me! (that is no joke) he spent 30 mins sterlizing the area and the tools and setting things up, and I was just talking to these 2 girls who had come in to get more holes in their ears. when all of the sudden Pat came up and said "Aight Shon, Lets put some rings in your lip" so I stood up and walked back. he set me up in his little corner of the shop and continued to set things up he put the jewlery in the steralization solution and started to talk to me, He could tell I was nervous so he started talking to me about music and stuff like that to put me to ease, he looked over my lips, several times before making the marks, making sure they were positioned correctly,he even went to one of his coworkers and asked him to look at it before making the final marks, and then he came back. He took out a fine sharpie perminiate marker with a Drafting tip like thing on it and made two marks, had his co worker look over it again and they made the final marks. Then once again he left the room to clear his head and had his co-worker come over, they had me smile several times in different ways, I felt kinda dumb but I knw it was going to be cool when it was done Pat then told me he wanted me to do some breating excesices to make me more relaxed, so I did that and we were good to go, he put on yet another pair pf gloves and prepped the areas. He then took the needle and slowly picked it up, told me to relax and ran it through my lower lip. and before I knew it he had done both of the holes. I was like "Dude is that all their was" and he said "yep" he then ran the Jewelry though th holes and closed them with the balls and cleaned them up. It has been almost a week since I have had the rings done and I am just now getting used to them but I love them, they give me somthing to talk about with other people and they are conversation starters! It was worth the 70$ that I paid! My girlfreind loves them too, but my parents havent seen them yet and I come from a VERY uptight religious family and I am just waiting for the day that I am able to come home and show up and say "HI MOM" with my 2 new lip rings. they have Also Helped me to stop smoking. The only thing I could reccomend is just relax, it isnt a big deal Promise, it is one or 2 seconds of shock, and the rest is pure pleasure! So if you are ever in Salt Lake City and feel the urge to get pierced, give Pat and his guys a call at Big V8 Deluxe in Salt Lakr at 355-1696. You wont be sorry! and if you have any questions or would like to see pictures of my rings email me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Patrick
Studio: Big+V-8+Deluxe
Location: Salt+Lake+City+Utah

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