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Finally, after 11 years...

was 14, I saw my first lip piercing. That was what I wanted. I knew right then and there that that was the piercing for me. I loved the look of the ring snug against the lip. However, I was only 14, there was no way I was going to be able to get it done then. Over the years, I started seeing more and more lip rings and other piercings. Many were done poorly and had the wrong jewelry in them. My punk friends would pierce their lips with a safety pin and then stick a hoop from the local drug store in it, only to have it get infected and have to take it out. I waited, and waited. I turned 18 and decided that I wanted to get a tattoo. My life moved on. I never seemed to have the time or money to get anything done. Then for my 25th birthday, my sister had a friend who pierced and she offered to get me pierced as a birthday present. Anything I wanted. So, I decided on my nipples. Wow. I loved them; I decided that I wanted more piercings. I started surfing the net looking for piercing sites, and stumbled on BME. I began to research everything I could on the different modifications. But in the back of my mind was always the lip piercing. I started stretching my nipples and my lobes, doing this very slowly because I never seem to have the money to get the jewelry. But I decided that it was time to get my next piercing. Ah, decisions, decisions. I wanted my triangle, tongue and lip... I decided against the triangle at this time because I am an avid dancer and will not have a break in my dance performance schedule until July.... And because I have always wanted my lip pierced, that was the deciding factor for me.

Since my prior experience was amazing, I decided to go back to the same piercer. I called Adan and we set up an appointment. The appointment was set for Thursday at 6pm. Adan does house calls, as, since he is no longer piercing on a fulltime basis, he does not work out of a studio. But he had worked out of a Los Angeles based studio for 6 years before he decided to work full time as a massage therapist. Adan arrived at my house about 6:15, after calling to get the address again. He set up on my kitchen table and showed me the two studs he had with him. Both had disk backs, one was shorter one was a 16 gauge. The longer one was 14 gauge, and as I was certain that I did not want anything smaller than a 14g, I chose that one. And I wanted the longer bar in case my lip swelled up. We talked while he sterilized the area, and my roommate came home. She was more nervous than I was. But she wanted to watch, which was fine with both Adan and myself. (My sister and her best friend had watched as Adan pierced my nipples....) It was kind of nice having someone there for support. I explained that I wanted to be able to either wear a ring or a stud in it. Adan marked my lip with the felt tip pen, just under the line of my lip. He used calipers to make certain that it was directly in the center and to check the height to be certain that it would not be too low for me to use a small ring. I checked it out in the mirror, and it looked fine to me. So I went back and sat down, Adan picked up the clamp and placed it carefully on my lip, checking several times to be certain that it was perfectly aligned. Then he explained that the procedure was going to be similar to the one he used when he pierced my nipples. He placed the tip of the needle on my inner lip. Asked me if I was ready. Told me to take a deep breath. And exhale. As I was exhaling, he pushed the needle through. Wow. It didn't hurt at all. Burned a little, but no pain. He slid the stud through and made certain that the ball and disk were tight. As he unclamped my lip, I realized that I had been clenching my front teeth together. I relaxed and jumped up to go look in a mirror. Perfection. We sat around and talked about his experience and discussed my next piercing. My triangle. My roommate was fascinated and impressed while watching Adan pierce me. Maybe she will get pierced next, who knows. As I went out that night, I was so happy and proud! I was smiling all over the place and couldn't quit talking about my experience. I am already thinking about my next piercing. Who would have thought that piercings were as addictive as tattoos?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Adan+Garcia
Studio: In+my+living+room
Location: Los+Angeles

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