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Labret Piercing

me last year (99) I decided to get my labret pierced with a couple of friends (make it a group thing). My other two friends got their tongue and nose pierced. I already had my eyebrow and tongue pierced and a nipple previously, but at that time it had already been removed, as I didn't really enjoy it. My only concern about my piercing was about being able to remove it if for some reason afterwards I needed to and have it heal cleanly. I have learned since then that I am a quick healer, so there was really no need for such worry. Kurtis Kirk at Golden Body Rings had pierced my eyebrow before that, so I was confident in his work. He keeps the piercing area very sterile and its quite a nice atmosphere as he normally has music in the background perhaps as a relaxation tool. Before getting the piercing you have to sign some sort of release form. With piercings having to do with areas of the mouth ie. cheeks, tongue, chin, lip, you are made to gargle with mouthwash, which is a bit painful as it is very strong. The actual piercing itself was quite painful, more painful than either of my others, I think perhaps because there is more of a muscle there. With my eyebrow it didn't really hurt that much..probably as much as a bee sting and the tongue as well. My labret piercing is located in the crevice where my chin ends and about a half inch below my lip. It is slighly off center, but not enough to notice. I was given two pages of instructions (one of which was trouble shooting) and aftercare information, which was quite helpful and nice to have. The Troubleshooting sheet I found was very reassuring and consisted of the following: Trouble Shooting On occasion a piercing does not heal as rapidly or as effortlessly as you would like. Healing times can vary tremendously, dependent on a variety of factors. Human bodies are truly unique, and what works best for one person's piercing may not work for another's. Some trial and error may be necessary. Try to be patient. One of the most important things you can do for your healing piercing is to keep dirty hands away from it. If your hands are not freshly washed with antibacterial sorp and/or surgical scrub keep them two hand-widths distance away. Mild salt water soaks are strongly suggested for sore, irritated, discolored, slow-to-heal, or keloided piercings. Some other products that have been helpful for healing are listed below. These are things to try in the even that the usual care regimen is not proving successful. Hydrocortisone cream 1% or 2% This is available over-the-counter at any drug store of pharmacy. Or try Tea tree oil - diluted at least 50/50 with bottled water. This is available at health food stores. Apply twice daily to the exterior of the pierrcing with a Q-tip. Try using one (and only one!) of these products for at least two weeks before you attempt to determine whether it is having an effect. Be aware that your overal health, and the way you treat your body in general, will have an impact on your healing. If you overindulge in alcohol or drugs, fail to nourish your body properly, or don't get enough rest, your piercing will be affected negatively. the better care you take of your body the easier it will be for your piercing to heal. etc.... The pain goes away quickly enough, but for a while it feels as though you have a terrible pimple on your chin..lol. I went through quite an experience the night after I got it pierced. During dinner that night the ball fell off and I had to retain the hole with an earring until I could come back in and get him to give me another. Which he gladly did. Since then the back has come off and yet again I went in and he replaced it, no charge both times, which is quite generous. I suppose I have yet to figure out how to get the jewelry in and out myself. Unless I owned a pair of clamps or my jewelry was longer, this would prove impossible. It does get a bit sore during rough kissing tho..and at first rubbed against my bottom gums. I have noticed that my front left gum has receided a little bit because of the rubbing at first. But my dentist has assured me that as long as it does not receide anymore it is fine. I have also discovered with piercing that since my body likes to heal itself so thoroughly that I am prone to scar tissue. Mainly on my tongue, but I have a small bit on my labret as well, which does not bother me, but I would be open to any suggestions as to how to get rid of either the tongue scar tissue, which continually changes. and the labret. But all in all I think that this is a lovely piercing to have. Quite attractive as long as your jewelry isn't too long. I think it is quite unattractive when someone smiles or moves their mouth and their labret jewelry extends an obscene amount.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: kurtis+kirk
Studio: golden+body+rings
Location: seattle

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