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rst time i had ever really noticed this piercing was during the short time that Dave Navarro was with the Red Hot Chile Peppers, and I feel in love with it immediatly. I though it looked cool as hell, and it was all I could think about for about two months, but I was never sure if it was something i would want to do, plus i wasn't sure where i should go to get it done. Lucky for me, at the time my friend Josh was an apprentice at a local tat shop that i had gotten my first tattoo at, so i knew it was a clean place, and told me that if i was to come in and let him pierce me, all i would have to pay for is the jewelry, it was a perfect opportunity. At first he told me it was going to be $30, but i wanted the spike instead of the ball so it ended up costing $40, but he slipped me both, so it was all good.(although I later learned it was shitty jewelry, but that is a different story) I was pretty nervous when i went in, i had already gotten two tattoos one tribal around my arm and a tribal face on my chest, but this is steel going through a part of my body, the only referrence you can possibly think of before you actually do this is when you fall and bite through your lip, but it is nothing like that i came to find out. Then i noticed that Josh was just as nervous as me, he had watched tons of people get pierced, but this was the first time he had actually been doing the piercing himself, which for some fucked up reason made me feel a little better, because i was not the only one nervous. Well anyways, he sat out the needle the jewelry and the clamp he used to pull out my lip to hold it still, and then took out a marker and marked where it would go, and asked if it looked ok, then he marked the entrance spot on the inside of my lip. The first mark wasn't straight to the other so he had to fix it, this gave me time to settle down a bit. When that was all done he took the clamp and pulled out my lip, put the 14g needle up there and pushed it through it was done in about a second, all i felt was a little pressure, then he checked to make sure that it was straight. This was a pretty weird feeling knowing that i had about two and a half inches of steel through my lip, then he inserted the jewelry in the hole in the needle and pulled it through, and screwed on the spike. The next thing that happened is the only problem i had, a mixture of heat and nervousness, when i stood up to go out i got extremely light-headed and came extremely close to blacking out. I knew if i could just get outside to the cool breeze i would be fine but i came to anyways. Besides that is was wonderful, it didn't hurt at all, although the clamp was a little uncomfortable but well worth the result, actually it hurt more to get my ears pierced. And it i really easy to take care of, just rinse your mouth out with listerine after you eat drink or smoke anything, then dip a Q-tip in the mouthwash and clean the outside. It never once bled, sometimes it was sore in the morning but thats all. I heal extremely fast so it didn't take long, until i didn't have to worry about it. It is fun to have, not only does it look good, but it keeps me busy when i am bored, sometimes i play with it so much that it gets so sore i have to take it out for a day or so, and my girlfriend seems to really enjoy some of the things i can do with it(with a ball not a spike). But that was just the beginning, now that i am making more money i plan to continue with my mutilations, eyebrows, nipples, tongue, a genital or two, and many more tattoos, this shit is soooo addicting. Piercing and tattooing are wonderful expireinces, that i think everyone should try, if you don't like the piercing all you have to do is take it out, its not like it is a lifelong action. Although mine will be. I would however recommend making sure you do a little research first, I have found that different places give different instructions on how to care for it afterwards and for how long so I would not only ask the person questions but also ask people you know, and read whatever you can. "As sweet as revenge may taste... It leaves a bitter aftertaste."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 May 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Josh+Britt
Studio: Precision+Tattoo
Location: Jackson%2C+Mi

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