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My first real piercing!!!

o here s my attempt to tell you the experience of getting my labret pierced.But first here s a bit about me.I am 17,I live in Dublin Ireland.And I am looking for people to talk to.So feel free to E-mail me.Well here s the story,After a week of being sick on Monday morning I went to school to do my french oral exam(good luck everyone).After the exam was finished,I was sitting out side the school having a cigarette deciding how I would spend the rest of my day.AS I was sitting down having my ciggarette the bell for the P.L.C student s rang.I sat there watching as they all piled into the school but as watched them somthing caught my eye.I seen a girl with purple coloured hair walking into the school she had her top lip out over her bottom one and when she put it back into place I could see a small ring in her lip.My first thought was that must of hurt and I continued to finish off my ciggarette.Moment s later another girl walked past and I could nt help but stare at her as she had a small stud in her lip which I found so..just so beautiful.I watched as she walked into the school and I put out the ciggarette and in my mind I was thinking man I want to get one of them.I walked into Northside Shopping centre and went straight to the A.T.M machine at the bank I took all my wage s out and counted through it I thought to myself that I would have enough for the piercing and I walked back to the bus stop. The 27 bus came round the corner and as the rest of the people tried to push their way onto the bus I stood back and watched as they all tried to get on at the same time.I padi my fare onto the bus and I walked up the stair s I looked around for a seat and sitting down the back of the bus was a friend of mine who I had not seen in a long time .I sat down beside her I noticed she also had one of these stud s in her chin.I lit up a ciggarette and we got talking and she asked me about the exam.I told her what I thought that I had done okay and she asked me a few other thing s eventually I got to ask her about her piercing and I asked the usual first question did it hurt?She looked at me at me and she said if I have to answer that once more I will hit somone she then gave me the reply that it did nt hurt too much she said it was just a little pinch which hurt for about 5 second s.She said it was also a little sore for a couple of day s afterward s.Then she told me that somtime s it got caught in her teeth while she was talking but that did nt bother me too much if she did nt talk so much it would nt happen so often.She told me that all in all she was glad she got it done.She then told me the name of the place she got it done she told me it was Snakebite on Abbey Street and she said she was happy with the service and she felt it was clean and sterile.Some of my other friend s had also had piercing s done there so I decided that was where I would go to for the piercing. I got off the bus in Talbot Street,and I said goodbye to my friend and I began to make my way up to Abbey Street.As I was walking up the rain began to fall heavily so I decided to stop into Eason s on O'connell Street.I walked on as the rain dripped off me people were running down the street and other were taking shelter just outside.After standing looking out for about a minute i walked over to the stand with the tattoo magizine s I picked one up and was looking at the cover on the cover was a woman with animal tattoo s covering her body and in her chin she had a stud with a ring on the end of it(somthing I later found out was called slavery Jewery).I just looked at the cover for a while admiring the tattoo s and then when i saw the jewelry in her chin,I just thought that was the nicest one I had seen yet.I thought it was so nice I bought the magizine,the first tattoo magizine I ever bought.As i paid for it I received some weird look s from the girl behind the counter.Probaly because I was dressed in my school uniform and there I was buying a tattoo magizine with a naked woman covered in tattoo s on the cover.I took the magizine and I walked over to the door the rain had nt stopped any so I decided to run over to the piercing parlour which was nt very far.I pulled my jacket over my head and sprinted for the parlour. I pushed the buzzer for Snakebite and a voice asked if they could help me.Not thinking of what to say I just asked if I could go up there was a noise as the door opened and I pushed it open and walked in.I wallked up the stair s and into a waiting area and there was one other person sitting down in the area in front of me.She had bright green hair and her face was covered in piercing s.I walked up to the counter and the woman behind the counter asked me how could she help me.I told her in a voice which was trembling I want to get here pierced I pointed to the area just below my lip and she told me sure that would be no problem and she told me that there was just one person in front of me and I looked at the other girl sitting there and I thought what else could she get pierced she get pierced she already has more metal than skin on her face.I told the woman okay I was just going out for a ciggarette and she said in that weather she told me to have one in here,despite there being numerous no smoking sign s on the wall.I sat down and looked over at the other girl she had both a stud and a ring in her lower lip.The woman behind the counter came out and she told the other girl to go on in and she walked into the back room.I then began to think what the hell am i doing,this is nt somthing I do.I don t just decide I am getting my labret pierced.Normally I would think all this out beforehand.Sure I had all the other usual piercing s ears,nose and navel but this was somthing major compared to them. Then I took out my magizine and started looking through it to try take my mind off the doubt s I was having.Then a voice asked me if I had a light I gave the woman behind the counter a light she lit her ciggarette and she sat down beside me she asked me what was the magizine and I showed her.She quickly looked through it and she admired some of the image s in it.Then she told me there was no need to be so nervous she told me she had the piercing done quite a few time s and it does nt hurt at all.We got talking and she asked me how old was I and I told her at this point I had mixed feeling s maybe I could nt get it done,I was feling kind of sad but also slightly releived.I told her how old I was and she did nt say anymore she told me once again to relax it does nt hurt as much as I was thinking it was going to and she told me about some of the piercing s she had done and how much some of them hurt she had a stud in her upper lip which she said hurt quite a lot.But by having the talk with her she relaxed me quite a bit.We finished off our ciggarette s and the door opened and the girl with green hair came out and the woman told me i was next I got up and walked over to the room fairly confident thank s to my little chat with the woman behind the counter. I closed the door behind me and was feeling a lot more confident a few minute s ago this was seeming like a trip to the dentist but now I had the feeling I was actually going to enjoy the experience of my first real piercing.The piercer asked me how I was doing and I told him that I was okay and he asked was I only finished school and I told him yeah we got through the small talk and I was asked to pick out the jewelry not knowing much about the jewelery I asked him to pick it out I just told him I wanted a stud.He picked out a stud and he gave me some listerine which really is nt as bad as all the other experience s made it out to be.I rinsed with that as he put on glove s and picked out the needle and at this point my adrenilan was rushing throughout my body he asked me if he wanted the area numbed and for some strange reason I told him no.He placed the clamp s on my lip s and there was a slight pinch which made my eye water and I began to think maybe I should have gotten it numbed he explained to me the proceedure and he told me on my third deep breath he would pierce me.I was hoping he would do it on the second to surprise me but he did nt straight o the third breath I felt the needle ripping through my skin and next thing I heard was the word shit coming from my mouth.He told me to relax it was finished and He pulled the needle through and put the jewelry in. I got up and thanked him and as I walked out I thanked the woman sitting out side.I walked down the stair s out of the palour and walked down the road no sooner had I started down the road when I was getting wierd look s from passer s by but I was nt relly bothered I had got this done because it looked cool and I really wanted.Despite all the fear I had I went through with it and I did nt care what anyone thought of it.Of course I was forgetting about my arent s on the bus on the way home I ran into 3 problem s my parent s,school and work.When I got home I thought there was no point in keeping it hid so I walked straight into the living room.My mum was sitting watching telly and she just looked straight up with horror and I got the usual question s of how I could do that to my body and she told me how disgusting it was she also metioned somthing about how hard it would be to get a job with it.I stopped listening shortly after I walked in.Anyway tuesday today and I am still in the bad books but that s a price I am willing to pay.My parent s still have nt made me take it out so it can t be that bad.As for school i have until the easter holiday s to do somthing there.I am in work tomorrow night so I will see what reaction I get then. As for the piercing itself this is the second day I have had it and it is still a little sore but that was to be expected,well that s my story,do t forget i am looking for people to write to so feel free to e-mail me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Snakebite++Body++Piercing.
Location: Abbey++Street%2CDublin

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