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Monroe, my first PROFESSIONAL piercing

y! My first ''professional'' piercing. Over 50 piercings and 2 years of doing all of them myself I finally got my first professionally done body piercing. My dad decided that he was so proud of me being on the honor roll again that I could get a piercing. It dind't start out with him saying ''here lets get you a piercing'' it was more like ''Dad, I'm so sick of doing my own piercings can i get one professionally done?" and ended with him saying sure :) I was sooo excited. I think he was proud because i hadn't been on the honor roll since the 7th grade and now i'm almost done with the 11th grade and i've been on the honor roll all year almost.

Well we went out to Ann Arbor and I knew exactly where I would get a piercing done. I had been going to a place called the Hole Adornment to buy my body piercing jewelry for a long time and knew that it was a very very VERY clean enviornment and April takes special precautions to make sure everthing is clean and never touches anything she's going to be using without gloves on. She's also on the board of the Association of Professional Piercers so I knew this would be a good experience. I had an appointment for my piercing at 7. So after visiting my grandmas house with my dad we drove to ann arbor and went to the studio. There were these two preppy girls ahead of me and one of them was going to get a piercing. I heard her saying something like ''i can't believe i'm doing this'' i thought she was going to get a tongue piercing so i was like (to myself) that's cool... so we had to wait for a half and hour longer than my appointment was scheduled for. When the two girls came out of the room the girl who got the piercing was all happy looking -- but when i looked all she had pierced there was her cartilage. She pulled out her hand held mirror admiring it going ''i wonder what my mom will say.. she'll probably freak out.'' lol she thought she was pretty hardcore. And then there's me sitting there with my 17 piercings -- LOL they gave me a pretty weird look. But I was laughing because of the way the girl was acting about a simple cartilage piercing. While the girls were in the room she gave me this form to fill out and checked my ID along with my Dads and went into the room Well finally it was my turn (woooo hooo!!) i was really psyched up but not worried about pain because as i've already told you i'm no stranger to the needle. (LOL) Well she told me to come on into the room. I had never seen the inside of a piercing room (becuase i've done all my own piercings) and contrary to what most people say about the rooms they were pierced in the place where she had me sit was more like a dr's table instead of a dentist chair. So She had me sit on the end of the table and she cleaned my upper lip with some weird smelling stuph and then changed her gloves and marked my lip with this black liquidy stuph with a toothpick (she told me it's better than using a pen so you dont transfer germs from other people to the pen to the next person which i agree with totally) After that she changed her gloves yet again and then asked me if the placing was good and i told her it was perfect she then had me lie back on the table and the got the clamps out (scary music fades in) I'm no stranger to clamps and how uncomfortable they are after all i had my nipples pierced by my boyfriend with clamps (damn those things) and she held my lip up with them and told me to close my eyes and breathe in and back out... breathe in one more time and when i breathed out the needle was through (i've pierced my lips many many times and know that there is pretty much no pain involved in it at all) all that happened was my eyes watered. She told me she was now going to insert the taper so in another second the taper was in and then she inserted the jewelry. No big deal. I went home with a happy pretty monroe piercing. The swelling was annoying (but of course with almost all lip piercings there is swelling) the skin on the inside of my lip was really going around the back of the disk and i was freaking out for a few days because i thought that my skin was going to swallow the back of the ring. I walked around with a big fat fish looking lip for a week But after the week was over my lip was back to normal. I now have a beauty monroe piercing and i get lots of compliments on it. I'm also the only one in my entire school with one.... Wait.. I'm the only one in my school with 17 piercings... silly me :) But all in all i'm happy with my new piercing and i don't have any complaints at all so far. I went back a few days later and got my septum ring changed there (she changed it for me after i bought this ring that was like a CBR but had a flat bar instead of a bead it's neat and way less gaudy then the horse shoe barbell that i had in it) If you're in Ann Arbor i seriously reccomend April to anyone


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: April
Studio: The+Hole+Adornment
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+Mi

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