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My Fear of Needles...

ed EVERYWHERE, asking prices, procedures, and age limits (being that Im only 17). I wondered if Id actually be able to go through with it. I had lost consciousness a few times before, due to a simple shot. I developed my fear of needles at a fairly early age, around twelve, I think. After I made a few phone calls, I found Straight Line Tattoos -although their prices were not much different than any other place I called- , and decided to go with that place. After that, I forgot about it for a week or so, being content with the place that I had chosen and knowing that I was GOING to get it done, but not knowing when. But at that moment, that was all I needed...I never expected to get it done soon after I made that phone call. Neffie, Jan and I were out shopping, looking at Labret jewelry, deciding which stud would look best on my chin. I didnt expect to go for my piercing for, at least, another few months. I was already feeling nervous, with butterflies in my stomach. Jan turned to me and said "So are you ready?" I was confused. She smiled and I kind of just looked around thinking Im SO not ready to do this. But I did it anyway. "Did you pick which Tattoo Parlor you wanted? How much money do you need for the piercing?" We paid for the candy apple vinyl pants and babydoll pink nailpolish we picked out a few minutes earlier and quickly walked out into the rain, unlocked the car and threw the bags into the back seat. I crawled into the back of the car, shaking. It was to be my first real piercing (other than your typical ear piercing) and I didnt know what to expect. I had my ears pierced three times before (two holes in each ear and a cartilage piercing). I imagined the Labret piercing to be MUCH different. After a 15 minute car ride, we pulled into the small parking lot of Straight Line Tattoos and walked inside. Todd walked out with a double eyebrow piercing, a stretched tongue and his hair in a ponytail. When he asked, I had so much trouble just telling him what I wanted done because I was so nervous and shaky. I filled out some policy papers, etc...and just...waited. We all waited outside, looking at tattoos and reading the costs of all the piercings and tattoos and picking out which ones we liked. Eventually Todd came back out, took Neffie and I into his little room, and went over aftercare. A guy who had just had his nipples pierced poked his head in the doorway and asked to watch. After getting my permission, he came in and sat on the bench in the far corner. Todd rinsed me with that nasty yellow Listerine that makes your mouth go numb for about 2 minutes while Neff explained my fear of needles. He marked me up with a marker, showed me where it was going to be done and sat me back down into a reclined chair. I took all the clips out of my hair so I could lay my head down and he put the clamp on my bottom lip. I squeezed my eyes shut, held Neffies hand and took shaky, short breaths.

I felt him close to my face. "And...inhale..." He poked my lip and I squeezed Neffs hand and the left arm of the chair while all the blood drained from my face. My face turned pale gray and my lips a dark purplish gray...or so Im told. During some point, I remember him telling me to exhale...but I was half unconscious, so I dont exactly remember WHEN he said it. I started slipping in the chair. I wouldnt let anyone touch me. They would ask me questions and tell me to do certain things and the only sound I could force out was "uh huh"s and quiet "no"s (only frustrating Neffie and Todd) The guy who came in to watch freaked out and left the room. Todd forced me to drink some water and slapped my face a bit to wake me up, while my eyes were rolling around and fluttering. Eventually they layed me down on the bench, gave me more water, I regained my natural skin color, and smiled in embarrassment. After about 15 or 20 minutes...I stood up, grabbed my hair clips and walked out, thanking Todd. The piercing healed nicely (by using Bactine and salt water). No it didnt hurt, I was too unconscious at the time to notice. Im thinking about a nose piercing this summer. I should be ready for another one by then.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: Straight+Line+Tattoos
Location: Girard%2C+Ohio

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