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My Piercings

y Modification Experiences My legit piercing experiences consist of only 3 pierces. My ears, my Monroe, and my lower right lip. Most of us have been through the ear piercings, so I won't get into that much. Other than the first time I got them done, I had a lot of problems and had to take them out. I kept them out for about 2 years, and got them redone. This was extremely painful for a young girl and I decided that if the same problem occurred, I would never get my ears redone. Needless to say, the ear piercings healed with no problems and I continue to have them to this day.

Next in line was my lip piercing, I was much older, but still, not 18 so I had to go through the whole thing with my mom. She was okay with it so off we went to get it done. I had searched for a reputable place and came up with the Bionic Laboratory in downtown Minneapolis. I talked to a piercer for a considerable amount of time about the piercing, and 2 things stuck out about her: her tattoo and her Monroe piercing. She had other body modifications done, but these two were the most beautiful I had ever seen. I decided that the Monroe would be my next pierce, and I would stick with the lip piercing this time, because the Monroe seemed to be a lot of work and I wanted experience in oral piercings before I did something so drastic. (it was drastic at the time, ok?) The whole procedure took about 5 minutes. The actual piercing itself took about 5 seconds, but first the piercer had to sterilize the inside and outside of my mouth, find a suitable place to pierce, with my help. She explained to me everything she was doing, which made it a lot easier to deal with. The actual piercing didn't hurt at all, really. I received a rush more than I did pain, and then the jewelry was put in and off I went with my bottle of listerine and cleanser. I went to sleep that night with barely any pain other than a barely noticeable dull throbbing, andwoke up to a canker sore. I know most of you have experienced these. But there is NOTHING quite like a canker sore with metal sticking through the middle of it. This is a pain to be reckoned with, but nothing I couldn't handle. I went about cleaning my piercing like I was supposed to. But after another day passed, I started to get crazy about cleaning my piercing, I did it ALL the time. Which is a definite no-no. This caused the pierce to heal much slower, of course I didn't realize that this was the reason. After a while I slowed down with the cleaning, because it was just too much work and went back to the recommended amount of times to clean and soon after that, the piercing was healed. After my lip had officially healed, I had gotten sick of the same pink lip ring. I decided on purchasing some new jewelry. I searched quite a bit, but never found anything I wanted. I had decided I wanted the smallest barbell I could possibly find. I'm still not quite sure what the gauge was today, but I can't imagine barbells getting much smaller than this. I finally found one at a store called the 'Lava Lounge.' It was perfect. It looked beautiful inside my lip pierce compared to the ugly, old, lip ring I had once used. I was happy. Several months passed and I was ready for another piercing. The Monroe. (also called the 'beauty mark,' 'Madonna,' or 'mole') I went to the same place and talked it over with the same piercer I had before. She warned me that this piercing was more difficult than the last I had acquired. I didn't care, I wanted this piercing. So I got it done, and the pain that came with the actual pierce was a considerable amount more than the lip ring. It didn't matter to me. This was something I had wanted for months. Then the jewelry was put in. Anyhow, I was off. Later that night I didn't have a lot of troubles, except when I went out to eat with my friends. The piercing started to bleed, hours after I had finished with the procedure. I was not sure if this was common, but I decided to wait for any more problems. The next day, I was at work, and the jewelry fell out. I tried with no success to put it back in, but with such a strange pierce and thin jewelry, the hole was pretty much impossible to find. I had waited until after my shift and went back to the Bionic Lab and got the jewelry put back in. By this time, the hole had started to close, so putting the jewelry in was no simple task. It hurt quite a bit. The next week was full of pain. This pierce hurt more than I had ever imagined when healing. But I didn't care, I had gone through hell getting this redone and I was going to stick with it. About a week and a half later, the piercing had almost completely healed, much faster than the average piercing. Then I went on a vacation to another state. Halfway through my vacation, the jewelry fell out. I tried with no luck for an hour to get the jewelry back in, but it was hopeless. I didn't get it redone after this, because I decided to wait until after I had gotten my braces off so I would have no conflicts with the entire thing. Well, it's been a few months since my Monroe jewelry fell out, and I still haven't gotten it redone. Still the body modification addiction is there, and I've decided to stretch my lobes to the smallest skin tunnel size available as soon as possible. Something like a 0 gauge. More on this when I get it done.

After I sate my piercing monster, I will move onto tattoos. I've decided I only want one. But that's how it started with the piercings. I guess we'll see. But anyway, my tattoo of choice is a black design on the back of the leg starting from the ankle and ending on the upper thigh. This tat looks as if it will take more than one sitting to finish, so I might start with something very small and barely noticeable just to get a feel for tattoos.

update on piercings: as for lobe stretches, I'm on an 8 gauge now.

update on tattoo: I got a tat of the sacred heart, yes, I know a million people have it..But no one's looks as cool as mine:


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on: 11 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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