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ah, the trials and tribulations of the wonderous labret...

looooooong time i've been wanting to get my lip pierced, but i'd never gotten around to it. so, one day i had some money in my pocket, and when my boyfriend came over that day, as soon as he walked in the door, i exclaimed, "I WANT TO GET SOMETHING PIERCED!" he was a leeeeeeeetle bit surprised, but once he got over that, he was all for it. we had two choices, fredericksburg is not all that happenin a town, and they only happen to have two piercing places that we knew of, corky's and alluring body creations. somehow we picked abc, i think because someone had told us that they do better piercings there (hmmmm...). so, we drove downtown and went to alluring body creations, a tattoo/piercing parlor. i paid, and we sat down to wait for sweet melissa to call me in. once i got in, she explained to me how to keep it clean, and made me wash my mouth out with a whole bunch of blue listerine. then she marked where she would pierce it. my boyfriend and i inspected the mark, and confirmed that, indeed, it was in the middle, and looked very good. she then told me to sit down on this big dentist looking chair with my legs hanging off the side. she put clamps on my lip and stretched it out, which wasn't terribly comfortable, but hey, not too bad. then she took the needle, covered in some antibacterial stuff and slid it through my lip... and OWWWWW! did that ever hurt!!! but it slid right through, very easily. my boyfriend said it looked like my eyes were going to pop out of my head!! i started to bleed kinda bad, but it wasn't a problem. i remained calm, stayed very still, and soon enough she had slipped the jewelry in. i looked at it in the mirror and LOVED it. it was great!! it bled just a little bit afterwards and the area around it stayed red for a while, probably about a week. after a while i started to notice that it was a little bit crooked, which reeeeeally bugged me, but i sorta tried not to notice it. i kept looking at myself at different angles in the mirror, like, "ok, that looks straight, it's not... ack! it's crooked! damn, damn, damn it all! ok, ok, it's not toooooo crooked... heh.. heheh... not tooo.... eh...just purse your lips together and never smile... nobody'll notice...."

but, anyway... i didn't allow that to bug me for too long. i rinsed my mouth out with listerine all the time, except i am a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE chain smoker, so i didn't get a chance to rinse after EVERY cigarette like the after care instructions said, cuz it's a little hard to rinse and spit while you're driving (although i did try sometimes). so i would rinse after i stopped the car (like, half a pack later). but, ya know, i just sorta made believe i was smoking just one EXTREMELY LONG cigarette, and rinsed afterwards. was it any surprise that it started to get a little infected? arg. poot. so i tried to cut down on the cigs a little, make sure to clean it and rinse more often... when something odd started to happen... the inside of my mouth was trying to grow over the back of my labret ring!!! what the hell?!?! it didn't seem like any big deal at first, it was just a little bit, and i would try to push it back under the edge, but it would always pop back over it. it wasn't very much, though, so i managed to ignore it for a while... until it got worse. the skin would start trying to creep up around it from all sides!!! ack! so i would try to push the skin back, but one morning i woke up and the skin had grown so completely around it that there was only this little bitty hole that i had to force the ring through. owie! i was freaking out!!! and so was my boyfriend, he has his tongue and eyebrow and his ear pierced several times, and he does have a bit of knowledge of piercings, but he had never seen anything like that. finally, my lip started swelling up, and got so damn infected that i had to take it out. i was really pissed, and still am that i had to take it out, and the little red spot in the middle of my chin bugs me too. i'm going to get it redone ASAP. it's all healed up now, so as soon as i get the $$ (i suppose bills and such are of more importance... hrrrmmmmfff!) hmmmmmm....... another little notelette to add here... my boyfriend (well, my ex-boyfriend now, but still veeeeeeeeerrrrry good friend!!!) went to this other brand spankin' new tattoo/piercing parlor (where the tattooist/piercer just came from california, and has waaaaaaaay more experience than the chick that i went to) and he told him a couple of interesting things.... like when you pierce the labret, you're not supposed to pull the lip out because that can make it crooked (ahem). the way they do it is to put a piece of round cork behind the lip, put the needle through, then pull the lip out to put the jewelry in. also, the back of my lip growing over the ring is actually very normal. what they should have told me when i got it done was to get a soft tooth brush, and brush it lightly daily to discourage the skin to grow over it. hmm. when i get my labret redone, i am DEFINATELY going to him! also i have planned a hood piercing, maybe a madonna, eyebrow... oh, whatever tickles my fancy :^) plenty of tattoos, too! and i will definately send pictures in when i get them done!

peace! -stargal62


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: sweet+melissa
Studio: alluring+body+creations
Location: downtown+fredericksburg%2C+VA

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