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My Monroe Piercing

t all started when I first went into the studio to get my lip done. This place had a good reputation, and did a good job on my lip. I was looking at magazines that they had layed out on the table while awaiting to get my lip pierced, and then I saw a picture with a girl and she had a Monroe piercing. Well, went back three weeks later and got it done, but it wasn't that easy. I have 16 piercings and I would have to say that this was my third most painful piercing. I would have to say that my nipples were my most painful, that is a very sensitive spot, then my nose would have to be next. I have a cigarette before I go in, because I am so nervous and he had to set up. I get called in, sit on the chair,and the guy tells me it's his first time with the Monroe piercing, that doesn't calm me very much. I rinse with listerine, he grabs the tongs, grabs my upper lip and sticks the needle through, then the jewlry. My friend comes in with me (I love having people watch with piercings), and her hand was white from me squeezing it. Well, not like that hurt enough. The jewlry was WAY too long, so he grabs my upperlip again, shoves the hollow needle through again, (which hurt even more since the skin was now punctured) and puts the correct size in. I rinse with listerine, pay, leave and get a nice glass of ice water to help with swelling, even though it barely swelled at all. The healing for this piercing went fast. By the end of two weeks, it was already healed, unlike my tongue which took the longest for all my other oral piercings. It was definetly the quickest of all my healings for my piercings. My Monroe was my 13th piercing, and one of my most joyable to have. I love to play with it, and I even love answering the questions that I get about it. It is definetly a vanity piercing for me and I love it. My nose would probably be tied with my Monroe for love of the piercing. I would have to say that my nipple piercings would be my least favorite because those just keep getting in the way. They keep getting stuck on my bra and clothing. Well, my suggestion is, if you really want it, get it, but remember it does take a lot of care for these, and think a lot before getting this or any other piercing. It is much harder to find a job with facial piercings, and you are usually automatically put into a "hoodlum" grouping. My thinking time for this particular one was three weeks, but that's all the time I needed to decide if I really wanted this or not. To determine if this piercing was really me, I would put a dot of eye liner on the spot where I wanted it, and even put one of my friends fake piercings there to see what it would look like. I thought that it looked very becoming on me and so did my friends. So I rounded up $55 and went in to the studio. It seemed like a very long drive into the studio, but then again, half an hour is kind of a long time. After I got this piercing, I got many strange looks from people. I live in a small, very stuck-up town in Washington, an many of them have never seen a Monroe before. I think that because of the legendary question "is that real?" So to answer this question, I stick my tongue up to the back of the piercing so that it sticks out and nod my head "yes." After I got my Monroe, My best friend decided to do his le bret. I told him that my lip piercing hurt less than the ears (I have my lip done on my right side), so he got my piercing needle, steralized it, and stuck it through his lower lip. I looks very nice. The reason why I have a piercing needle, is because I do my ears myself and did my nose myself when I was 14 years old, that's when I got a set of needles from one of my friends who was a piercer. What did my mom think about that one? Well, she was standing there holding the mirror for me. I am studying to be a professional piercer and started apprenticing at House of Tatoo in Seattle. I love piercing and getting piercings. I love all my piercings, but I would have to say that this one rules over all the rest!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: House+of+Tatoo
Location: Seattle%2C+Washington

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