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Captive ring through the lip

wanted to get my lip pierced for about two years now. When I first saw it I was 17 and I knew my mother wouldnt take me and I wasnt old enough to go get it myself (since in Sacramento we have a pretty strict policy on minors getting pierced). I have tatoos, which is weird caise my mom had to take me to get those and she didnt mind that. Anywyas when I turned eighteen i started getting my ears stretched at Sub Q and have since gone to a "0" gauge. The stretching has gotton a little old though so I thought about getting something else done. I got out of school one day about two months ago and went to my work and got my paycheck. Earlier in the day I had thought "today is the day I am going to get my lip pierced!" So when I got paid I said "yo dude lets roll down to Sub Q and get this shit pierced." I didnt start work that day till 8pm and it was only 3pm so we headed downtown to go to Sub Q. We got there and I told the piercer, Scott (also owner of said piercing place) that I wanted my lip pierced on the side of the bottom lip. He explained everything to me I got my ID photocopied and paid up. He then explained all the after care and gave me all the nessesary ointments and soaps I needed. Being kind of nervous I was asking the dumbest questions of Scoot, which I think he got real annoyed at but I was nervous so fuck it. Anyways he cleaned the area and got the needle and everything ready and then told me to take a quick breath and he stuck it through the inside of my bottom lip. The actuall piercing wasnt too bad but the gnarly sound it made coming through the front of my lip was pretty damn gross sounding. It was all over in about ten minutes. It was pierced with a flat back stud, since I work at a place where I have hide any piercing other than ears and a hoop would be more difficult to hide than a stud. I got a 14 gauge captive hoop for the piercing so when I am not at work I can take out the stud and put in the hoop. This piercing also made one of my friends want theirs done too and my my best got his tongue pierced on the same trip. I to this day still really like my lip piercing and I plan on going back and getting the tongue done and maybe the nipples. I also chose Sub Q because I had gotton my ears stretched there and I have not heard one bad thing about them. Infact I have noticed every time I go there I realize how sterile and professional they are. Scott is a really cool guy and hes got alot of great people working for him there. The prices on jewerly and piercing itself is very resonable. Since I go back almost every two weeks to get new plugs or grommets for my ears I end up spending a lot of money there and I have compared it to other shops in the sacramento area and they seem to have the best! Some questions I had before the procedure, were of course is it going to hurt? Well I think its all in your head if it hurts or not. I thought it was a very fast sharp pain that was of in less than a second, there really isnt that much pain. Does it hurt for the couple days following the procedure? Like Sub Q says, it depends on the individual body and mine healed very fast with minimal pain. The cleaning was the most painful part and that was cake. If you are cosidering getting your lip pierced or for that matter anything pierced I would suggest checking the place out before you go and visiting sites like BME to research your piercing and the piercer. Before I got my ears a or lip done I checked out this site and went to the piercing place (Sub Q) and did all the research I could so that I knew my piercing was going to be done cleanly and sterile and that I wasnt getting something that would alter my body too much. Also be sure to check out what your job thinks about it. I didnt even really think about what my boss would think at my work and she flipped. My piercing wasnt cool at work but I made a big deal out of it and said it wasnt fair that I couldnt wear it and after a lot of arguing and talking to other managers I got the okay for the piercing. But I think I got lucky that they finally said it was cool, you all out there might not be that lucky, so check it out before you spend 50 bucks on a nice new piercing that you have to take out when you get to work.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Scott+Rogers
Studio: Sub+Q
Location: Sacramento%2C+CA

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