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center lip piercing = collagen-injection look-alike =Þ

ruary i got my navel pierced - typical, cute kinda thing. i thought i was all done with my self-mutilation, but then i started thinking about getting my lip done. everybody gets their tongue, nose or eyebrow done, but the lip is still kinda rare. another encouraging thought was that it seemed like such a gorgeous piercing to me... i've never seen an ugly lip piercing - although i have seen plenty of people who shouldn't have done the nose or the eyebrow. so, that's when i started asking people about it, and checked out the info at a couple piercing FAQ's. finally, i realized that i'd need to see some images to really get an idea of what i wanted. so (of course) i came to BME and checked out images & experiences. and when i saw the photo of the blue-haired pixie i knew what i was going to get. :) later that week i borrowed a fake CBR from a friend, tried it on, and loved the way it looked. so i made my final, definite decision - to get my lower lip pierced right in the center. unfortunately, kirston, the only person who i was willing to go down to the studio with, left town the night after loaning me the fake hoop. i had to wait 9 more days to get my piercing. AUGH! impatient and frustrated cannot even begin to describe how i felt. at long last, she came home and it was monday afternoon. we drove to halo and i talked to the receptionist (and probably the next in line for an apprenticeship) about the piercing. she suggested that i get pierced with a 16g fishtail and get a CBR later, because if i got pierced with a hoop it'd have to be 14g or 12g to accomadate for the possible swelling. so, while i filled out the legal form & read the "Lip/Labret/Madonna" info sheet, i decided to go with the fishtail. mostly because i prefer smaller gauges - they look more elegant - i just didn't think i'd swell much. she photocopied my id and i picked out a fishtail with a psuedo-sapphire chip on the end of the ball. then it went into a little cup and was placed with my paperwork to wait, while i was given my tech 2000 (mouth rinse) and a bottle of water. we sat in the lobby and waited for the piercer, kelsey, to come out. it wasn't more than fifteen minutes when kelsey came from the back and told me my jewelry was sterilizing. she had me rinse with the tech 2000 in the bathroom and then come back up front, at which point she led me to her studio and had me sit in the "dentist's chair." kirston sat in one of the two guest seats ((halo won't allow more than 2 people in the room (besides the piercer and the piercee) and they MUST be seated while they're in there)) and kelsey went and washed her hands, then got my fishtail, the sterilized instruments, and a needle. i had way too much adrenalin in my system by that point, and was very, very nervous. kelsey was really cool and got me mostly calmed down. i watched her put on two sets of gloves and open up the autoclave packets. then she took a set of pliers and bent the fishtail, all the while telling me about taking care of and healing the piercing (most of which i'd read about on the info sheet). she got a purple "cadaver pen" and marked what she thought was the center-point of my lower lip, then sent me to the mirror and told me to ask kirston if it looked right. i peered in the mirror for about 30 seconds (it's longer than you think) and couldn't be quite sure if it was centered or not. kirston said it was, and kelsey agreed, so i sat back down in the chair. at that point kelsey asked if one of the apprentice's could come in, so i said sure and he came in to watch. she marked the inside of my lip and told him that it wasn't were she was aiming for, just a guide to help her find the center on the outside. then she clamped my lip and picked up the needle. the adrenalin doubled. she told me to close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. i felt the needle going through the inside of my lip and was surprised - it didn't hurt, didn't even pinch - until it came through the front of my lip and then it hurt really bad - like biting open your tongue and pouring lemon juice 'n' salt on it. i gasped and then remembered i was supposed to be breathing so i tried to breathe normally and only flinched a little when she put the fishtail in. while she did so, in a kind've surprised voice, she said "Wow! You swelled up as soon as the needle went in!" Lucky me. =Þ i opened up my eyes and was in a bit of a daze - i'd just truly grasped the fact that i'd stuck a hole in my face. :) kelsey gave me my water and told me (again) to drink lots of water and suck on ice after i left. she asked how i felt and i thought about it and responded with "weird." i sat in the chair for a little bit, drinking my water, and watched her clean up. after she lowered the chair down, i got up and went to the mirror and saw it - not the hoop i'd been thinking of and looking forward to, but a glinting little blue jewel right under my lip, and the knowledge that in a month i'd get my ring. i smiled. kelsey gave me my pen - "so you know it was only used on you" - and wiped down the chair and tray and anything else she'd touched. then she told me the halo tag-line - "make your next meal a good one!" and asked if i had any questions. well, since there was this piece of metal inside my mouth that i hadn't planned for, i asked how i was supposed to eat. she laughed and said "carefully!" then told me i'd get used to it, and to "just eat slowly." well, alright then. she also suggested i avoid cottage cheese, sour cream, and yogurt like the plague (they're filled with foul bacteria...) soon after i was all done and we left for lunch. that was... an odd experience. it was quite difficult to figure out what i was doing. :) my lip continued to swell, so i didn't go back to work (i'm so glad i have flexible hours there!) and went home instead. i sucked ice for the rest of the day and night, until i went to bed. the next morning i looked like i'd gotten collagen injected into my lip - but that the doctor hadn't been paying attention and over filled it. =Þ i went to work and didn't eat anything all day - my lip was too sore. of course, because i made the mistake of becoming friends with a guy at work, he felt comfortable enough with me to continually offer to buy me some chips, a couple jalepenos, how about an altoid, would you like some salt 'n' lemon juice, etc, etc. wednesday morning i managed to eat half the soup i made myself for breakfast - the rest got all over my pajamas. grrr. but after breakfast i realized the swelling was even worse - the fishtail is bent in an L-shape, and the bend was ~inside~ my swollen lip. kelsey had told me to come in if it needed to be adjusted, but i was hoping that i could just suck enough ice to make it go down. i was starving by lunchtime, so i got myself some of those cheap gem donuts and some juice. and while i was eating, the fishtail came almost all the way out! i managed to shove it partially inside with the back of my hand, then, holding my hand against my face, went to the bathroom to get it mostly back in. but it kept trying to wriggle out. AUGH! so, i gave in and called halo and kelsey told me to come in and get it adjusted. i had a friend pick me up from work and drive me there, and we waited about ten minutes for kelsey to pierce some guy's eyebrow. then i was back in the dentist's chair in kelsey's studio. she put on gloves, opened up the autoclave pack for the pliers, and pulled the fishtail out of my face. really quickly she straightened it and bent it farther back, then put it in some sterilzing gunk and pushed it back in. she was really gentle but she might as well have shoved it in, coz it hurt a whole damn lot - more than the original piercing! i had to go back to work and was just pathetic and miserable all day, coz it kept throbbing in time with my heart beat and i'd gotten five hours of sleep the night before. =Þ thursday through saturday the swelling didn't go down at all, and it still hurt whenever i pursed my lips or forgot about it and tried to bite someone (and THAT mistake hurts a great deal) so i was glad that i'd gone with the fishtail instead of a hoop - just the thought of my lip being constantly compressed by a ring makes me twinge. :) anyways, today (sunday) i woke up to see that the swelling is nearly gone! i can purse my lips again! woo woo! sometime this week i'll have to go back in and have the fishtail readjusted again, coz there's too much play, and in 3 weeks i can get my CBR. :) although days 3 & 4 were hellish, i don't regret this piercing at all. i'm very pleased with it and i'll be completely happy once i get my ring. and i'm really glad that i went to halo - they're very professional, everything's sterile, and they try to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable. they might be a little pricey, but i definitely think that the at halo that extra money is well spent - they don't rush you into making a decision and they take the time to answer all your questions, regardless of how many people are waiting in the lobby queue. -=- the wingless tinkerbell -=-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 March 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kelsey
Studio: Halo+Precision+Piercing
Location: Phoenix%2C+AZ

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