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My Beautiful Lip Ring

ere I am, a couple hours after the piercing, feeling great, lookin' fine, etc..... Let me start by introducing myself a little bit. I'm a youngin', bout 14 years old, and I fell in love with piercing when I was in 4th grade and got my ears done. Now, I must say, I wasn't into heavy piercing, but I still got into it. My name is max, and I'm not exactly the most socially accepted person in the world. So I figured that maybe I might as well push it a lil further. Let me start with the beginning of the story (the scene gets blurry). I fell in love with a labret/ring piercing when I was in the very beginning of 7th grade. That's when I started working on my mom allowing me to get one. My dad was just fine with it, but my mom was very much against it. Now I'm in the middle of the second semester of 8th grade, and I JUST got the piercing. Can you imagine that, a whole fucking year of finding information. Now, I must say, that BME helps a lot, but still, it doesn't do absolutely everything. Finally, I got her to allow me to do it about a week ago, and so we started calling piercing parlors, I called 13 BC, unhelpful bitches, and then I called House of Freaks, and found that it had everything I wanted. Completely clean stuff, etc.... They were really nice, and gave me lots of info. Now contrary to what you guys at BME say, this place is not a bottom of the barrel piercer, they are quality people full of info and help. So maybe you should revaluate that saying. Anyway, I finally convinced her. Now I'll go in chronological order: 2:00 I'm at the van gogh exhibit and I can't keep my mind on the art, my lip is trembling, I haven't eaten anything, and can't do anything at all.

2:30 I'm still at the exhibit, 'cept I'm in the gift shop, and now I'm looking at this tribal piercing book, I see lots of pics of people with bones through their noses, dishes in their lips, long neck, etc.... 3:00 I go home, pick up my money, and get my mom to drive me to the piercing parlor. 3:15 I'm at the piercing parlor, and there's this Canadian guy with a fanny pack on getting his nipple done, and he's screaming like a little girl. 3:17 They admit me in to the room, everything is metal, and it's really scaring me, I see the piercer woman pull out a FAT FAT FAT needle. At this point I'm basically shitting myself, scared outta my mind! 3:20 She tells me the procedure. Now I'm gonna go into detail on what happened: The woman made me wash with pharmaceutical mouthwash, and that burned like a bitch already, I was scared. Then she put on gloves, pulled the things out of the package, and then changed gloves. Then, she iodine on my lip, marked my lip, put the forceps on, and clamped it. She told me to breath out, put a cork on my lip, and stuck the needle through. It didn't hurt at all, it felt great in fact, and looked great. All those people who said that it hurts, are pussies, they are seriously pussies, it only burned a lil bit. Anyways, she screwed the bead on, and it seemed awesome. Now I'm here, and it feels good, looks good, etc. The only thing is that it's hard to eat. DO IT IF YOU WANNA! I would seriously do it if you wanna, it doesn't hurt, it's a fairly safe piercing, and it looks really great. Seriously, it's a great piercing, if i were any of you guys, i would definetly get it done, however, dont do it when your 14, i mean, unless you are about my size, 6 foot 2, and about 215 pounds, because by that point, your large enough to get one. Once again, GET IT DONE!!! Now on a note of aftercare, it's fairly easy, you swab it with bactine 2 times a day, and also, if it's a ring like mine, rotate it a couple times around. Sure, it hurts a bit, but it keeps it totally clean and great looking. Also, you can apply it with a q-tip in order to get the little crusties off of it. I haven't experienced those yet, but i've been told that they are a pain in the ass. Sleeping tonight should be a strange experience. And then, just wash your mouth 2 times with mouthwash in order to kill all bacteria. All in all, it's a fairly easy piercing to do, and also, i'll say it again, just go ahead and do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: some+girl
Studio: House+Of+Freaks
Location: Melrose+Ave.%2C+Los+Angeles%2C+California

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