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You're sticking that where?!?

ll took place about 2 yrs ago. I was 16 at the time and had wanted a tattoo for a while. So my friend and I decided to play hooky from school and go get our stuff done. (She wanted nipple pierced.) So off we go to South Street Tattoo (in Philadelphia) because she got her tongue done there and they didn't card her. We go in, and let me say before I go further, never go to this place. It's sterile but just barely. The people don't tell you anything, just take your money and pierce you. Oh, and maybe a vague muttering about how to clean it. Anywho...so we go in and tell a very scary looking man what we want to get done. He told my friend that he doesn't do piercings but he would call the piercing lady to come over to the store for her. Then he asks me how old I am, I tell him 18 but he wants id. ::sigh:: There goes the tattoo idea. My friend tells me to get a piercing instead, they didn't check id's for that. I mulled over the idea, and remembered that I had been vaguely interest by lip piercings. I hadn't seen very many or heard anything about them, but I still thought it might be cool to get one. After waiting for at least an hour (and listening to the scary man tell the story of why he has to pay his sister child support because he got her pregnant) the piercing lady arrives. With her 7 yr. old daughter. This just seemed to be asking for trouble, but we bravely venture onward. My friend suddenly informs me she won't get her nipple done if I don't get my lip done, so I felt obligated to agreed. Her nipple got done first, and I got to get all worked up about the pain I was about to receive. (Prior to this, all I had was two regular earrings in the normal lower ear place. Not even gauged. So I didn't know what to expect at all.) My turn next, she gets out all her equipment and everything seemed sterile. (Wrapped and whatnot.) While she gets her stuff ready, her daughter is telling me how to take care of the piercing after I get it done, which was very disconcerting. She's 7! Finally, the lady turns back to me, marks the hole, and pushes the needle through. No warning or anything. I was very, very tense because I was so anxious by this point. In goes the needle, then the ring, then the jewelry. All of which hurt, a lot. (Primarily because I had never had any sort of piercing experience.) So, the piercing is done, she cleaned me up, and I try to move to wash my mouth out with listereen. But, there's a problem...I can't feel my hands, or move them. My arms are completely numb. Because I was so tense, the ensuing rush of endorphins froze my body. I started hyperventilating and she made me put my head between my knees. After maybe 5 minutes, I was calm enough to sit up, wash my mouth out and drink some coke they gave me. (Not a great idea considering coke has caffeine in it, which speeds your system up...) I pay, thank her, and leave with a decent looking piercing and a lot of pain. It throbbed really badly and I couldn't talk or smile for the next week. When I slept, I drooled because I couldn't shut my mouth, it hurt too much. I also had to relearn how to brush my teeth so I didn't accidentally hit it. The swelling went down after about a month. Reactions from everyone who saw it varied, most people were in disbelief that anyone could want a ring through their lip. Parents were not pleased at all. I am just now starting to talk to my dad again (2 yrs later). Mom wasn't happy, but at least she didn't make me take it out. So my first piercing experience is done and over with. I've had it for 2 years now; it took a good 8 or so months to finally stop hurting. I didn't know what to do a lot of the time, or what was good to clean it with (I used alcohol because I didn't know about salt water) and I had to deal with some minor infections (my own fault). Gauging it from 16 to 14 wasn't fun at all. But I adore it, and never gave up on the hope that it would eventually stop hurting and behave like a good little lip ring. A lot of the experiences I've read say that they get in the way, but I've never really had any problems with mine. I function just as well as before. I think the most popular question I get (after did it hurt) is does it get in the way when I kiss. Of course not, silly, it's not THAT big. Now that it has stopped hurting it's honestly like a part of me. I don't even notice it any more most of the time. Moral of the story? Lip rings aren't that bad a piercing at all, just stay calm! It really does help.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Some+lady+w%2F+her+daughter+watching
Studio: South+Street+Tattoo
Location: Philadelphia%2C+PA

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