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Isis's labret spike

weeks ago I get my tax refund back, I was broke till then and desperately need of new shoes and groceries so of course the logical thing to do would be go get an expensive hole in my face, right? I had wanted a lip ring in the center of my lip for 6 years, maybe more, but economics, location, or just plain fright of a needle going through my lip always held me back. I was sitting on IRC bitching about how there are no refutable piercers in my area of Ohio and how most tattoo parlors I'd visited back home had nazi flash on the walls or nazi crap in their portfolios, ick. Fortunately people reminded me of Body Work Productions up in Cleveland, I'd visited there with friends and it really is cleaner than my doctors office and was an APP member, so I was set. After a bit of nagging my boyfriend to drive me out to Cleveland and getting some food in me so the adrenalin and anticipation didn't make me pass out we were on our way. I called up Body Work and since two reputable people in two different states had reccomended him I got an appointment with Derek. Now getting to Body Work isn't all too straightforward for someone who hasn't been to Cleveland in a few months, doesn't remember their way around the ghetto, and is coming from exactly the wrong direction. After about 20 minutes of driving around the ghetto watching skanky hookers and finally ending up in the flats by what could only be teleportation, we found Detroit Ave. and were in the home stretch. Upon getting there a little late I waded through the waiting room filled with the strangest cross-section of people. There seemed to be a few moms getting their young kids ears pierced, I wish a place like this had been around when I was wee and I had a stud rammed through my ear with a nasty festering piercing gun. I imagine this is a lot less traumatizing for a kid unless of course my pink hair sends them into something resembling epileptic fits as it tends to do in the grocery store. I filled out all my forms, being very glad for once i remembered to bring my drivers license with me, and picked out my jewelry. After I had looked through articles on BME and talked with friends earlier that day I had decided to get a labret, but to get it pierced high enough so that after it was healed I could wear a ring in it. For now I picked out a pink rocket spike to match my hair, 14 ga, and titanium since I seem to be allergic to a lot of things. I bought some Satin, sea salt, and Tech 2000 for the aftercare. A couple of what looked like middle-aged housewives were buying the same stuff, it looked like they were getting naval piercings. I saw a lot of things I was going to have to come back for, more spikes, some nifty UV stuff, and possibly something a bit less conspicuous for when i don't feel like quite so many reiterations of the "Did that Hurt?" field of questions.

After a short time in the waiting room I was called back to the piercing studio. Everyone looked like demented nurses, all in purple and green scrubs with matching hair and gloves, it was great. I was asked if it was OK if an apprentice watched and I said yes definitely. I noticed she was the door-person from the Chamber, Molly, and thought that was pretty nifty.

Derek went through every step of the sterilization process, told me what would be reused, and had me rinse with some tech2000 (this stuff tastes mildly like Benedryl but for some reason I'm not addicted to it, I don't think I'll ever go back to Listerine.) He started marking me and yes, I was still pretty scared of having a needle go through my lip at this point. The mark was made and everyone checked it out (Derek, Molly, and my boyfriend), I checked it in a mirror and OK'd it. The forceps came next, I had heard from people that the forceps can be the most painful part but I could barely feel the pressure, I guess this is because there is actually something to grab on to unlike some areas. I was told to lay down on the table and he would go through some breathing excersizes with me, which I probably needed because I was still pretty tense. I took in some deep breaths an exhaled, before I knew it the needle was through. Yes, it hurt, it hurt just as much as a needle going through your lip would. It was probably a more intense pain than getting stitches in my forehead, but as for the amount of pain I would say it was a far bit less than that and definitely a completely different kind. The jewelry was put in, it was a lot quicker than I thought it would take. I sat up and looked in the mirror, it was fantastic I had this beautiful pink spike just at the edge of my lip.At this point I was on a complete adrenalin rush, I forgot to tip and I almost forgot to take my aftercare and information pamphlets home. All the ride home I couldn't help but sit and stare at it in the sunvisor's mirror, this was definitely much better than just a lip ring.

The pain had only lasted as long as the piercing was being done, and it only stayed sore for a day or so. I followed the aftercare regimen religiously and 3 days after the piercing I kind of freaked out when I saw some reddish-purplish-ness around it. I feared the piercing was rejecting but I showed it to some people and they said it was just bruising and I shouldn't worry unless it gets worse. I stopped worrying and in a few days the redness faded, it was only a tiny bit to begin with. After about 4 days I started getting crusties around the piercing and I noticed that it had "nested" in my inner lip, otherwise i barely even noticed it was there except that I had to stare at it in the mirror all the time. At school I did get a lot of weird looks and "Did that hurt?" questions, but for someone who's had rainbow colored hair on and off for 6 years it's really nothing too odd. So far I've only really had two intelligent questions or comments; one girl asked what the jewelry looked like on the inside of my lip, if it was a barbell or what; and my mother told me it was going to make my gums recede until I pointed out that it was too high up to do that. When I did drive back home to visit my parents they were understandably upset but dealt with it fine, I think my mother, a nurse, is just glad I went somewhere I wouldn't risk getting hepatitis, she deals with an alarming number of kids in the area who got tattooed/pierced in unclean places and contracted it. After 2 weeks I found myself playing with it too much since the swelling had gone down, and I tended to accidentally pull it with my teeth when eating, so I went to get the post shortened. This time we knew how to get there but I forgot to make an appointment, even though it wasn't an excruciatingly long a wait as I had expected. Derek measured my lip and went to get the new post. After the jewelry was taken out my lip decided it didn't want a hole in it anymore, but it was no match for the instertion taper. Next he needed to screw the spike back in, which was a feat in itself but he was great because even after minutes of the threads not hitting right my lip wasn't even very sore. I was given the old post because I had said once this heals I would like another one below it and I would need that for the swelling. Overall it was a wonderful experience and a wonderful place to get it done. The piercing is still healing fine and I forget I even have it most of the time. I think after having 6 stitches in my forehead and between my eyebrows in December, plus getting a labret, has gotten me over the fear of piercing. I had always been afraid of facial piercings even though I loved the way they looked but now I'm just waiting for my next paycheck, and a piercing friendly job, so I can go back and get my bridge and septum done. So if anyone is contemplating getting this done, definitely do it and if you have a chance, go to Body Work Productions its a great place and has a really friendly/talented staff.

http://headhunter.lightstream.net/~isis/lip/ for pictures


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Derek+Lowe
Studio: Body+Work+Productions
Location: Cleveland%2C+OH

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