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I trusted her

my labret pierced on my 18 birthday. The year before at 17 my Mom had taken me to get my tongue pierced. But this time she wouldn't cooperate at all . I went to this piercer named Dana at Ritual Body in Dallas, TX. I'd seen her do two of my friends before this time. She did their tongues and eyebrows. At this time I pretty much trusted her and I liked her technique. She was very courteous and she was willing to give deals. She always had really cool music playing too, I think her boyfriend was in this band The Hellified Funk Crew (just name dropping) heh. She had a super clean shop. She opened boxes of gloves like a surgeon using as many as 8 pairs of gloves on one person. She even turned people away from the door, telling them she couldn't pierce and explaining why she couldn't. This one chick wanted her belly button pierced, but she didn't have enough "lip" or skin around the navel. Dana, pulled the skin around the girl's navel and told her that it wouldn't be possible for her to do it. I know these sleazy guys in downtown Dallas, who would have done it anyway just for the money. I knew for sure, after I'd seen her turn that girl away that she was someone who wasn't just in it for the money. I'm there and I decide to get left eyebrow and my labret pierced. It was a two for one piercing deal, all I had to do was pay for the jewelry for my eyebrow and my labret piercing. I sat down and Dana did this neat thing, because my face is rather round and my eyebrows have this natural arch in them. She pierced my eyebrow slightly slanted.(I now have the other eyebrow pierced, and this guy named Atom from Ace in the Hole in Dallas, also pierced the right one slightly slanted, so when turned upwards they look like little horns.) She even let me see what she was doing in the mirror after she cleansed the space and marked it. She used her gloved hands to pinch the piece of skin right above my eye,parallel to wear she marked. I felt the needle go through my eyebrow. She pushes from top to bottom. As she pushesm she's telling me when to inhale and exhale. Then she slid a small 16 gauge ring through my eyebrow with a blue-ish marble hematite bead, closing it. It didn't hurt at all. She said she had to do that one first since it was the easiest and I wouldn't be likely to go on afterwards if I had my labret done first. I washed my mouth and she sized me up with a lip ring of a larger gauge just to make sure she had this perfect symmetry thing going on. I'm looking up, she's telling me the procedure and how it's going to go down and if it's gonna be totally scary and if I'll shit my pants. She tells me about how she'll grab my lip, slide the clamp over it and then push the needle through. She also tells me that she'll tell me when to inhale and exhale to again. There's this guy he's like her apprentice and he's there his name is AJ. Might I add she changes gloves like 6 times through everything she's doing. AJ's dancing around in his green neon wig, and I'm getting kind of antsy. So she calls AJ over to hold my hand and watch the procedure. She sizes up my lip, marks it, let's me see where the piercing is going to be, let's me make sure I want it there, right before she pierces it, and then I lean back. My adrenaline is pumping. I'm squeezing his hand hard as hell and she hasn't even started yet. She slides this 14 gauged needle into my mouth, from the inside of my mouth first and then to the outside. It hurts for a second and even then it's not the pain, it's the shock of how much pain I thought I should be experiencing. While the needle is in. I began to talk and I said, "Shit, that fucking hurts" that's all I said, nothing more, I didn't cry, nothing. Right as I finished saying that she screwed the stud in. I felt this cold metal on my face, I thought I might have been bleeding but she let me see the mirror and I wasn't. I still had to stay there for a minute or two. She was worried about me passing out. The only thing that bothered me afterwards is how extremely dry my labret area would get after washing my face, but that went away by the 2nd or 3rd week. I had no complications and my piercings are perfectly placed around my face and it doesn't look awkward or anything. I recommend her to all of my friends. Her shop is extremely clean and she's one of the few piercers here that have ever been to school to pierce. Not to mention all the piercers even at the other shop speak highly of her, even when they're going hardcore on each other.

Also when one of my friends got pierced earlier this year by another piercer, who isn't half as good as Dana. I called Dana and she talked my friend through and even told her procedures to keep it clean and what not. The lazy bum that pierced her didn't even give her procedures.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Feb. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dana
Studio: Ritual+Body
Location: Dallas+TX

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