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Piercing through scar tissue is very painful.

were to ask anyone who has ever been pierced if it is addictive, it is, and I was running out of places on my person I would want to get pierced. So my friend suggested that I get my labret done. At first I thought to myself "No, its going to look dumb on me" but then I told my girlfriend of the idea and she said she thinks I would look cute with it. So the whipped little boy that I am decided that I was going to get it done. So one day my friend said he wanted to get his septum pierced so I figured we can both go together and be pierced. I brought him to the place where I usually get my tattoos done, though I had never been pierced there before. But I figured I should go there since I was friends with the piercer and all, and I knew he wouldn't jerk me and my friend around (like so many other people in the business do). Well, I went in, sat in the chair, and he explained to me the procedure, and told me that the labret is one of the least painful piercings you can get, just like I heard from people who have had it done. So he marked the area where the piercing was to be placed and he got it dead center on the first try. He clamped my lip and all and told me to hold it for him while he prepared the needle, which was in a way uncomfortable having this clamp on my lip I guess he made it a little too tight. Well, here is where it gets interesting, because all of the stories I heard from everyone who has had the labret done say it doesn't hurt at all, are a bunch of lying morons. It was by far the most painful piercing I have ever had, and I have my P.A. and both of my nipples done, and those don't even compare to the pain I felt in my lip. I thought I was going to cry from the pain cause by needle popping through. Then after the needle was through I thought the worst of it was over, I was wrong. When he was placing the labret stud through the hole I could feel the threads on the end scraping against the inside of the piercing. Which he said was normal, and most people feel a little bit of a pinch like pain when the threads go through. As it turns out the reason it hurt so much when the needle went through was because about a year earlier I had the entire inside of my lip split open almost to the point that my bottom teeth went through to the outside. This was caused by being kicked in the face at a punk rock show. Well, there was still scar tissue from that incident running along my lip, and by coincidence the scar ran right along where I would be pierced a year later. So my only advice to anyone who is considering getting pierced, make sure you have no scar tissue in the area you want to get pierced. It is thicker and tougher to pierce through than regular skin tissue, and makes it hurt a hell of a lot more. So I would advise you to wait and see if the scar tissue ever completely heals and goes away before having it pierced if you have any scars like that. Other than that I love my labret piercing, and when I went to my girlfriends house that night and she saw it she was so happy and thought it was so cute on me, which was the reason I had gotten it done in the first place. But as it turns out I actually do like it myself. and I plan on getting is stretched down to a 12 gauge, maybe a 10. I enjoy grossing people out with it as well, it makes for great party fun when i dribble water out of my face, people seem toget a kick out of that. Caring for the piercing can be a slight of a pain, due to the fact that you have to clean the inside and the outside. Use anti-bacterial soap and bactine for the outside, i found it easy to use a q-tip for this when cleaning the outside, it makes it easier to get off the little "crusties" that form on the ball (and belive me you will get them). for the inside you are s'posed to use diluted listerine a 50/50 mix of listerine and water, i just used straight listerine, all teh water diluting does for it is make it not sting on the fresh piercing (but afterwhat i had gone through with it, a little more pain was not going to bother me). They say it takes about 8 weeks to heal, but mine healed after only about 3 weeks. But i am known by my tattoo artist as "the healer" because i always heal so fast. as for me and my addiction to getting pierced, i don't know what i am doing next, perhaps i will start on that frunum ladder i've been dying for. Well that is all from me for now. Joey.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Feb. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Johny
Studio: Peter+tattoo
Location: W.+Heampstead%2C+Long+Island

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