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My Medusa..

ptember I had finally decided to get my tongue pierced, when I did that,I knew there was no turning back. But,I decided to wait for a few months, to make sure I still had "the urge".

Flash forward too December: I got my left eyebrow and bridge both pierced by X-mas. I was already planning my next one, but my piercer and freind Eddie recommend I wait at least another two weeks for my next piercings, because of some problems I had with my left eyebrow. Knowing her was a professional, I know as he wished, I waited Exactly two weeks, and came back. I wanted a Labret with a ring, and my right eyebrow done. We pierced them both, and as always the eyebrow was easy. The labret caused some discomfort, but only cause I have ALOT of tissue in my lips. He placed the ring in, like I had requested, and I went home. A few days later I noticed that I was developing an infection, the ring wasn't healing right, so I called Eddie and asked him for a labret stud. He told me to come in, and so I did. We placed a labret stud in (oversized of course,for the initial healing..) and talked awhile about maybe more lip piercings. We both agreed, I shouldn't go with rings until I am healed all the way at least, so I told him I would have to think of another one, and too expect me back within another week and half. Flash Forward to three nights later and BME:: I was going threw various piercings on BME, and noticed only two accounts of the "Medusa" piercing, and only few pictures of it on males. So, I debated and debated about the piercing, curious on how it would look, and various other questions. My main concern was how bad would it be for getting hung on my teeth during the intial healing with the oversized jewlery. Two mornings later, I get up and call Eddie, and explain what I was wanting done. He told me to come in Thursday, before he leaves for Ohio, and we would do it. Thursday:: Thursday, ah, I was very tired. I hadn't slept prior to the piercing, as I was just way to excited. First I went to the bank to get some money, and ate my what I thought to be last meal for a few days. I drove the hour and half to Eddie's, and made my way in to be the first customer of the day. We talked for awhile, like we always do, and debated on what music to listen too. We finally decided on Pink Floyd,"Comfortably Numb". I sat down in the "dentist chair" as some refer to it. We marked it, and he asked me if that was okay. I agreed, as he knew what I wanted. I had decided I wanted a piercin that direct lenght and height as my labret, so when I shut my mouth,it looked like it was one piece of jewlery all thru my mouth. He clamped me, and for the first time ever I can say the clamps did NOT seem to be annoying. Now, that is always my complaint thoose damn clamps, so by this time I was quite happy. He shows me the needle, and its clean and I just shake my head in gesture to say "Okay". He started to push the needle thru, at first I didnt feel a thing, then all of a sudden my eyes started to water and an intense pain went thru my whole mouth. It wasn't the worse pain I have ever felt, but it was far worse than per say the labret. He then placed the jewlery in, and I could feel it going thru the torn flesh, it was a very hard to describe feeling. The jewlery was screwed on, and I had a huge rush. I got up and looked at it, the placement was perfect, but the oversized jewlery looked odd (that and the amount of blood). Eddie started to explain that after intial healing we would downsize it,and I had already knew this, so I explained he done a great job, paid him $60 dollars, 10 of which was a tip. I bled quite a bit the following night,and swelled up. I had never had a piercin bleed so much, so I was freaking out a bit, just cause I would take a nap and have blood on me. By 2:00 am that night, I woke up,and I was starving.. I had to eat something, though wasn't sure what, cause I was scared of it getting hung on my teeth, and other things. I decided on some soup, I ate the soup slowly, and had no problems. On Day two, most swelling had went down, and I decided to go out for pizza. I must say that it has gained quite a bit of attraction towards people. I walk by and they just stare, and have even had a few go "What the hell did you do to yourself". I still felt like I had a huge clamp on my lip, and got it hung for the first time yawning. Okay, I got to say IT HURT! But I had no problems other than that. Day three, that would be today. No swelling,no blood, and to be honest, I don't even feel like its there now. Taking care of it has been extremely easy, painless (for the most part..Turning it the first day it was odd.) . I am thinking about keeping the oversized jewlery as I have grown quite fond of it. It gives a much more tribial look to the whole face. If you are considering this piercing. Go for it, it will hurt (more and likely) for a split second, and may look odd for the first day or so. But you won't regret it in the end, and if you do, you can always take it out. Whats next for me? A frenum ladder/nassalang/two more eyebrows/two anti-eyebrows/forehead/ another tongue/both wrist/ all my knuckles/ and a madison.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Feb. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Eddie
Studio: Eddies+Lost+planet
Location: Kentucky

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