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Ode to my Labret

everyone! This is an ode to my labret. For those of you who may not know, your labret is the area from your lip to where your lip and gums meet. My labret was my first piercing...quite possibly of many. I must admit that I was fairly nervous going into the procedure because i've never poked a hole in my body before....but I must say I love it! I have had a tattoo for a while now but this was much different. I did quite a bit of reasearch and studying up on the subject before getting it done. I spent a lot of time at bme looking at pictures of people that had them done...just to make sure I really wanted it. After calling my boss and making sure that it wouldn't be a problem, I called all the local tattoo and body piercing studios. I got pricing ranges from different people and wound up choosing Side Effects in Gainesville, Fl. This place was $5.00 more than the others but I was able to get a few excellent references about this studio so that's primarily what I based my decision on.

Nikki Saba is the body modification artist that performed this on me and let me say that she is a wonderful artist! She explained everything she was doing in detail from sterilization, to the procedure, to giving aftercare products and advice. She also answered any questions I had and was very honest about the risks and even the small percentages of people that wound up hating the piercing afterwards. It was obvious that she wanted to do it but she did tell me that if I had any doubts that I needed to wait until I was completely sure... that sold me on getting it done. Most people won't do that, they're just in it for the money. That's why if you're in the Gainesville area, go to Side Effects or die!

Before I got my labret piercing done, I looked at the various jewelry that was going to be available to me. I rather liked my options but I decided to start out with something simple, a surgical steel labret stud with a bead/ball end. Nikki(piercer) wanted to start me out with a 3/8" labret stud but due to reasons beyond my control, I recieved a 7/16" labret stud in the center of my lip/chin. Because of my piercing placement, I can now wear a wide variety of jewelry ranging from studs to rings to many other accessories. Now I'll explain the procedure.

The procedure was fairly simple actually. I honestly think the worst part about it was the toxic tasting listerine that I had to swish in my mouth first in order to disinfect everything. After cleaning the outside of my face with iodine, she marked the spot with a pen. Then she clamped my lip...not really hard for those of you that may be wondering...I really didn't feel it much at all. It was just enough to hold everything in place. Then she took a disposable needle and told me to take a deep breath. As I was exhaling, she shoved it right through! I think it hurt more to get out of the car and go inside than to get pierced! The healing time for the labret piercing is an average of four to eight weeks. Mine, although it was just done a day ago, is healing rather quickly but even if it looks to be healing quickly, you still need to watch it. Nikki instructed me to clean the inside of my piercing with an agent called Glyoxide and the outside with an antibacterial solution... she recommended an ear care solution. The most common means of infection comes from touching your piercing with dirty hands so be sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before you touch your piercing or your jewelry. Also, anytime you put anything in your mouth, other than water, you should swish a mouthwash around in your mouth. To start off with, it's recommended to dilute the solution by either 50% or 75%, whichever works best for you. I tend to use Biotene as it works really well without having to dilute it at all. I highly recommend this piercing to everyone! There was very little blood involved and it's very easy to clean and maintain. It's not hurting a bit and it's healing rather well so far. If anyone wants to ask me questions regarding my piercing or tattoo or the procedures that took place, please feel free to send me an e-mail...I'll gladly respond as soon as I can. I can't wait until I show the band! They're going to love it! Thanks! Zeb


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Feb. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Nikki
Studio: Side+Effects
Location: Gainesville%2C+Florida

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