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Labret+paranoia=My Story

ne- October 9th, 1999. The Place- Adam's house in Dixfield. My girlfriend and I went to get pierced that day, a fateful day representing my triumph over high school, over my parents, and in a lesser manner, over myself. Here is that story. My girlfriend and I began as a pair of friends talking about getting pierced... Nothing more, nothing less. Slowly, our love blossomed and bloomed, and we decided the piercing would end up being something symbolic, something meaningful. I discussed a septum ring with my mother, who was totally against the idea, and since I live in her house, I decided that I wouldn't make her TOO mad. She was slightly more receptive to a lip ring. The weekend before we went and got it done, I downloaded a bunch of pictures of piercings from the web, and proceeded to tape them up to every area of my home I thought my parents would see. There were pictures of folks with lip piercings hanging from all the light switches, taped to the milk in the refridgerator, pictures were strewn in my mother's car, etc. etc. Finally, the day before my girlfriend came home, my mother relented and I was set to be pierced. We drove up to Adam's house, to be pierced, and after a few minutes of milling about getting ready, Adam told me to get in the chair. Fear rose in my body. " I thought you were piercing her first!" Well, no dice. Utilizing my great courage and power in the face of adversity, I sat trembling in the chair and attempting to take deep breaths. Adam went through the procedure, we marked the place of piercing, a cute li'l spot in the middle of my lip, and I sat down to be pierced. Intense pain shot through my lip. Adam tried to make me calm, but it HuRt. This may make me sound like a big sissy, and all the pierced folks out there reading this will laugh at me, but it hurt a lot...for about 30 minutes. The actual piercing made me tip back in my chair and groan in the intense, hellish punishment that Adam was trying to inflict upon me (he had all he could do to keep the clamps in my mouth as I tipped my head back). My girlfriend tells me I looked like a sadistic killer, with my eyes wide open and groaning in pain. Afterwards, it didn't hurt at all. It sat in my lip quite nicely, and we went to McDonalds and had chicken nuggets to celebrate. Oh yeah- the jewelry. It was a 14 ga, 5/8" long stainless disc-back. Everytime I hit or someone hit something off of it, a pile of disgusting, crunchy, filthy crud all but erupted from it. And that was with keeping it clean. Aftercare was listerine after meals and saline for the outside whenever I remembered to use it, which wasn't very often. It didn't take long for paranoia to set in. I was certain that the disc backed labret was migrating out through my lip. There was this huge, cut-up looking, bleeding ring that I now know is just normal, but it freaked me out and made me think it was leaving me the hard way. The flesh on the inside of my lip obscured the disc back, and enough was enough. About 1 and a half months after piercing I went to a store and got a ring, a 14 ga 1/2" diameter stainless CBR with stainless bead. We worked hard inserting it on the street corner outside the store, with a short intermission as we went back in to buy a smaller CBR since the 3/4" one we bought in the first place made me look like a christmas ornament to be hung from my lip. We dropped the bead at least three times on the street corner outside, and I waved to pedestrians and motorists alike as my girlfriend worked diligently (she says struggled) getting the ring through my hole. Ever since, I have been afraid that the ring is cutting through my lip and migrating, but a few days ago I quit playing with it with my tongue, and it is healing nicely. I want many, many more piercings that I am sure you will see my stories on here in the future. My piercing is doing wonderfully and I want another four to put with it on my bottom lip. My septum still feels empty without a piercing through it, and my bridge is tingling, Piercings are good. Go get pierced if you haven't already. If you have, get more. If you have pierced everything you could conceivably pierce without severing a major artery or a nerver cluster, well, I have no advice for you. Sorry.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Adam+Mazza
Studio: His+home+studio
Location: Dixfield%2C+Maine

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